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Wanted: Optimal carcass valorisation 2.0

10 February, 2015 by Frans van der Steen, Meat Technology and Development Manager, Marel

Within the meat industry, great efficiencies, and thus added value, can be achieved by optimally overviewing, monitoring and connecting the entire chain, from hog to hot dog. This chain consists of farmers, slaughterhouses, residual meat producers and processors producing final products. While each party involved tends to have a good overview mainly of their own part of the production process, a food technological approach adds value by overviewing as well as monitoring the entire chain for optimal economic and societal utility. It does so, among others, by connecting supply and demand within the chain, allowing for optimal carcass valorisation 2.0 to take place.

Fish smoking technique uses smoke flavourings and water vapour permeable bag

04 February, 2015

Researchers have developed a technique for fish salting and smoking using water vapour permeable bags.

Advice on navigating China's animal protein market

12 January, 2015

According to a recent Rabobank report, China's demand for foreign animal protein products shows great growth potential. However, the path to success for western animal protein companies in China remains complex and challenging.

How 'chicken juice' helps Campylobacter thrive

17 November, 2014

'Chicken juice' is the key to understanding the persistence of Campylobacter in food processing environments, a new study from the Institute of Food Research has shown.

Townsend Skinners for meat, fish and poultry

07 November, 2014

Townsend Skinners, available from Marel, are custom designed and built to suit the specific needs of meat, poultry and fish processors.

Turning hogs into hot dogs

03 November, 2014 by Jan Meerdink*

This article is the second in a trilogy about meat harvesting. The first discussed the state of the technology. This part describes the process itself with a focus on process optimisation, chain integration and an optimal balance between raw material, process and final product.

Extending shelf life of seafood key to exports

23 October, 2014 by John Merriman

Innovations in packaging have allowed a newly formed Australian seafood company to expand its business to national and international markets.

No time for waste: technical developments in meat harvesting

17 October, 2014 by Geert Leenen

Meat harvesting, the process of optimally scraping residual meat off animal carcasses, is a fast-moving industry subject to many of the megaforces that will dominate both production and consumption in the near future.

Nestlé invests $65m in Blayney pet food factory

15 October, 2014

Nestlé Australia has increased production at its Purina factory in Blayney, NSW, after an injection of CHF 54 million (AU$65 million). The investment will reportedly create an additional 100 full-time jobs at the site.

Rex vacuum fillers for automated sausage production

24 September, 2014

CBS Foodtech has available Rex vacuum fillers for automated sausage production.

Biarri Meat Processing Optimiser software

28 August, 2014

Meat Processing Optimiser is cloud-based software that uses complex mathematical algorithms to improve decision-making in the meat processing industry.

GEA membrane filtration technology improves product quality of fish meal

12 August, 2014

GEA has developed a process step to reduce the salt and histamine contents in fish meal without losing proteins.

Henny Penny energy-efficient open fryers with fast recovery

11 August, 2014

JL Lennard has available induced draft technology gas and electric open fryers from Henny Penny that offer energy savings while producing fast recovery to save time and reduce shortening use.

Zanussi Evo 900 high-performance grill

08 July, 2014

JL Lennard has available the Zanussi Evo 900 high-performance grill. The grill combines energy efficiency features with a heavy-duty cast iron cooking grid capable of reaching temperatures up to 350°C.

Maja EVM split 4006 membrane skinner

05 July, 2014

The Maja EVM split 4006 is for manual (open) removing of sinews, fat and membranes, especially from bigger cuts of beef and veal but also from pork and lamb. The unit is floor-standing in design and is compact enough for butcher shops and small-to-large meat processing facilities.

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