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More little piggies go to market

23 June, 2016

Revenue from pig farming is growing at a faster rate than beef farming, and this trend is forecast to continue to 2021, according to research by IBISWorld.

The scramble for free-range eggs

16 June, 2016

With ongoing concerns about the welfare of egg-laying hens prompting changes to free-range egg classification, the egg farming industry is seeing a shift towards free-range eggs at all stages of the supply chain.

GEA MaxiFormer 1000 mm rotary drum former

02 June, 2016

GEA's 1000 mm GEA MaxiFormer rotary drum former is designed for high-volume production of natural-looking chicken nuggets, popcorn, inner fillet/tender and steaks.

Adaptable squid thrive in a changing ocean

26 May, 2016

The number of cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish and squid) has increased in the world's oceans over the past 60 years, a University of Adelaide study has found.

Grasselli KSL Boneless horizontal slicer

26 May, 2016

The Grasselli KSL Boneless horizontal slicer uses a multiblade cutting system to cut even, parallel slices.

WA egg producer guilty of misleading 'free range' claims

23 May, 2016

The Federal Court has found that one of Western Australia's largest egg producers made false or misleading representations that its eggs were 'free range'.

Inghams invests $275m in SA expansion

18 May, 2016

Poultry producer Inghams has announced a $275 million investment in its South Australian operations, projected to generate more than 850 jobs over the next two years.

US demands more data on antimicrobial use in animals

17 May, 2016

The US Food and Drug Administration is boosting its knowledge of antimicrobial use in food processing, issuing a rule that requires species-specific data reporting on antimicrobials used in animals for human consumption or food-producing animals.

Repackaging efficiency and innovation for the meat industry in Australia and New Zealand

10 May, 2016

Skin-tight vacuum seals protect products from freezer burn, so consumers can store products in the fridge or freezer. They also minimise product shrinkage and waste and extend shelf life.

Automation/schmautomation: where is Industry 4.0 in the meat industry?

31 March, 2016

Improvements in software, sensors, data control and networking are paving the way for Industry 4.0 to become a reality, but there are still many hurdles to be overcome.

Eating fish is good for us, but what should the fish eat?

18 March, 2016

Increased use of plant-based ingredients in aquaculture feed could impact the nutritional benefits of eating seafood, according to a study that examined the environmental health implications of crop-fed fish.

Red meat rules in online purchases

16 March, 2016

Australian online marketplace Butcherman has released its Red Meat Index, revealing the most popular cuts of meat purchased from the website.

Reducing the scourge of dark meat post-slaughter

04 March, 2016

Using high-pressure processing at low temperatures, the colour of unattractive dark meat can be lightened — potentially saving the red meat industry $100 million/year.

Stopping foodborne bacteria at the source

20 January, 2016

An antimicrobial effective against Campylobacter jejuni may offer poultry and meat processors a way to safely extend shelf life and minimise the risk of foodborne disease.

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