Interworld Electronics FABS-919AP Panel PC

01 June, 2020 | Interworld Electronics and Computer Industries

The FABS-919AP food-grade stainless steel panel computer from Interworld Electronics features a fanless aluminium enclosure and a stainless steel bezel.

SPC-500 Series Rugged HMIs

01 June, 2020 | Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

The SPC-500 series of stainless steel human-machine interfaces (HMIs) is aimed at applications with strict safety and hygiene requirements.

Michell Instruments XTP501 Oxygen Analyser

01 June, 2020 | AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

Michell Instruments has launched a lightweight oxygen analyser that is designed to provide accurate and cost-effective control of oxygen from 500 ppm O2 to oxygen purity in safe area applications.

GENE-UP BREW beer testing system

01 June, 2020 | Australasian Medical & Scientific Ltd

GENE-UP BREW is designed to provide a fast, simple and accurate method for the detection of spoilage organisms in beer during both production and post packaging.

Bestech Australia Sealtick TSE6089L leak testing device

01 June, 2020 | Bestech Australia Pty Ltd

The Sealtick TSE6089L is a leak testing device, designed to ensure packages are sealed against moisture, oxygen and contamination.

Rack Armour pallet racking upright protection

01 June, 2020 | Rack Armour Australia Pty Ltd

The pallet racking upright protection range from Rack Armour is designed to minimise damage caused by forklift and warehouse operations.

Spraying Systems Australia mobile fogging cart

01 June, 2020 | Spraying Systems Co Pty Ltd

Spraying Systems Australia has designed a mobile fogging cart that can sanitise a closed area in minutes and is suitable for a range of industrial markets.

BioGone landfill-biodegradable cling wrap

04 May, 2020 | Bio-Gone Plastics

Landfill-biodegradable cling wrap from BioGone will allow the film to be biodegraded away when disposed to a landfill-type environment.

Advantech SPC-500 Series Rugged HMIs

01 May, 2020 | Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

The SPC-500 series of stainless steel human-machine interfaces (HMIs) from Advantech meet strict hygiene requirements and are suitable for the food industry.

The Product Makers Phytolin dietary supplement

01 May, 2020 | The Product Makers (AUST)

Phytolin is a flexible functional ingredient and dietary supplement that can be incorporated into food and beverage formulations derived from sugarcane extract.

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