Food design & research

The science of delicious food

06 December, 2021

The microscopic characteristics of some food delicacies have been studied in order to understand the mouthfeel of food and optimise techniques to create new foods.

A dash of sustainable 'wonky' seltzer

02 December, 2021

Dash Water from the UK has recently launched its 'wonky fruit' infused sparkling waters into the Australian market.

A natural way to manufacture wild strawberry flavour

22 November, 2021

A fungus has been used by scientists to produce a natural wild strawberry scent.

Researchers use AI to design the ultimate chickpea

17 November, 2021

Scientists at The University of Queensland have designed the 'perfect' chickpea, with potentially higher yields — which could be a boon for meat alternatives.

Study links grape consumption to healthy gut

17 November, 2021

Recently released research connects the dots between better gut health and the regular consumption of grapes.

Upcoming database collects nutrition info on branded foods

16 November, 2021

The database will feature the nutritional information from branded foods and beverages sold in Australia and will have most food information by 2023.

Food and beverage precinct set to take off in Qld

16 November, 2021

Plans have been revealed for a food and beverage manufacturing hub to be located at Sunshine Coast Airport, which will initially focus on beverage manufacturing.

Spice industry heating up in Northern Australia

10 November, 2021

Research is being conducted in the country's warm northern regions to see how spices might be grown industrially in the area.

Taxes on sugary drinks work — mostly!

09 November, 2021

Research shows that sugar taxes on soft drinks can be successful, but only if consumers are aware that their drinks are being taxed.

FSANZ requests comments on new enzyme source

08 November, 2021

A call for comment has been put out by FSANZ regarding the source of an enzyme that is currently used in a variety of applications in food production.

Scientists search for impact of smoke on grapes

04 November, 2021

An American university has been granted funding to research the impact of smoke on grapes and how to prevent damage to wines.

Australians drank responsibly during lockdowns

01 November, 2021

An analysis of wastewater by the Australian Government shows Australians drank responsibly, allaying fears of overconsumption during lockdowns.

Sugar detection science in humans may help beverage makers

26 October, 2021

Scientists have found that the body has the ability to detect whether a sweetener will contribute to its caloric intake, which may prove useful for beverage makers.

Wine by-product pomace might be nutritional goldmine

21 October, 2021

Scientists think the slush that is produced during the early stages of winemaking could be a sustainable source of useful nutritious compounds.

Scientists sniff out body's caramel receptor

18 October, 2021

A laboratory nose testing system was used to isolate exactly which receptors detect the pleasant smell of caramel.

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