Food design & research

Researchers develop 'apeeling' banana flour cookies

12 August, 2022

Researchers have used banana peel flour (BPF) to increase the level of nutrition in cookies without compromising their flavour.

3D printing approach for alt proteins

11 August, 2022

A research team in Singapore has devised a systematic approach to incorporate alternative proteins into food inks that are used to create 3D printed foods.

Low-cal sweetener that could also improve gut health?

09 August, 2022

Researchers looking into alternative sweeteners have found a substance that is low in calories and can also feed 'good' gut microbes.

Researchers discover biocatalysis-boosting polymers

02 August, 2022

Biocatalysis uses enzymes, cells or microbes to catalyse chemical reactions, and is used in the food industry to make products that are not accessible by chemical synthesis.

Scientists develop healthy gummies

26 July, 2022

Researchers have made sweet gummies and spreads from canola oil that are full of healthy fats and could be used for a nutritional boost in manufactured foods.

Raw meat for dogs associated with harmful bacteria

22 July, 2022

Scientists in England have found that dogs that eat raw meat may be more likely to carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria in their faeces.

Brightly coloured produce can boost women's health

22 July, 2022

Degenerative conditions, more common in women, can be reduced by eating leafy greens and colourful veggies that are high in pigmented carotenoids.

Probiotic could boost protein absorption from plant-based food

22 July, 2022 | Supplied by: Kerry Taste & Nutrition (APMEA)

Researchers have demonstrated in a clinical study that Kerry's spore-forming probiotic BC30 can increase protein absorption from plant-based foods.

Probiotics can help to tackle depression

18 July, 2022

Researchers have shown that probiotics can support the effect of antidepressants and help to alleviate depression.

COVID-like viruses can survive on meat in freezer

12 July, 2022

Viruses with a similar structure to SARS-CoV-2 can survive for up to 30 days on meat products in the freezer, according to new research.

NT scientists serve up native rice

07 July, 2022

Australian botanists are hard at work to develop commercial farming capability for native rice, outside of the crocodile-ridden waters where it is usually found.

Methane-busting cow feed supplement now available

01 July, 2022

A feed additive that can vastly reduce the methane emissions of cattle has been made commercially available in Australia.

Researchers search for allergens in edible insect protein

29 June, 2022 | Supplied by: James Cook University

James Cook University and National Measurement Institute researchers are looking for allergens in edible insects so that consumers can be adequately protected.

Sorting technology gets more food products from one fish

28 June, 2022

Chalmers University of Technology researchers have developed a technology to process a fish into five distinct and useful parts.

Plant-based meats may contain less useful protein

24 June, 2022

Scientists have found that the proteins in meat substitutes may be less nutritious, as they may not be absorbed as well by the body as animal proteins.

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