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New method detects coffee adulteration

22 May, 2018 by

Researchers have developed a new technique to detect if high-quality, expensive arabica coffee is adulterated with cheaper robusta coffee.

Diet study calls for urine donations

22 May, 2018 by

University of Queensland researchers are asking for urine donations to study the relationship between nitrate in the diet and disease.

Fast food impacts women's fertility

16 May, 2018 by

Women who frequently eat fruit fall pregnant faster than women who consume fast food regularly.

Industry welcomes WHO's plan to ban trans fats

15 May, 2018 by

The World Health Organization's call to ban trans fats from the global food supply by 2023 has received support from the International Food and Beverage Alliance.

Nestlé opens two consumer healthcare factories in China

09 May, 2018 by | Supplied by: Nestle Healthcare

Nestlé is investing CHF 150 million (AU$201 million) in two new consumer healthcare factories in the China Medical City in Taizhou.

Non-alcoholic soft drinks gain popularity

02 May, 2018 by

Alcohol does not support the healthy lifestyle consumers are increasingly seeking, and this has brought about a number of soft drink innovations.

3D printing food helps personalise nutrition

01 May, 2018 by

Researchers used the prototype 3D printer to replicate the physical properties and texture of actual food samples.

Is green tea safe?

25 April, 2018 by

Green tea has been praised for its health benefits, but the EU raised concerns that green tea extracts may actually cause liver problems.

Gut-on-a-chip (not a potato chip)

24 April, 2018 by Krisy Gashler

Nutrient absorption can now be studied thanks to a 3D microscale model of the human intestinal tract.

Children bombarded by unhealthy food advertising

24 April, 2018 by Nichola Murphy

A recent study has revealed that during peak viewing times, children watch 2.3 times more adverts for 'discretionary' foods than healthy foods every hour.

How does Campylobacter cause food poisoning?

23 April, 2018 by

Researchers found that Campylobacter rely on multiple genes which enable the bacteria to adapt within humans and evade the immune response.

Food packaging and nutrient absorption

12 April, 2018 by

Zinc oxide nanoparticles in some can linings could be negatively affecting nutrient absorbtion.

Food companies not doing enough to fight obesity — report

05 April, 2018 by

Companies were given a score out of 100 according to their policies and commitments to prevent obesity and encourage nutrition, with the lowest being 3 and the highest 71.

What do hatching chicks and food safety have in common?

04 April, 2018 by

Eggshells seem so fragile but so robust at the same time, and scientists from McGill University said this is all down to the eggshell's nanostructure.

Track your eating habits with tooth-mounted sensors

27 March, 2018 by

Miniature sensors wirelessly send information about a person's intake of glucose, salt and alcohol to a mobile device in response to an incoming radiofrequency signal.

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