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Ultra-processed foods linked to increased risk of cancers

19 March, 2018 by Nichola Murphy

A study revealed that a 10% increase in the proportion of heavily processed foods in a person's diet meant they were 12% more likely to develop all cancers and 11% more likely to develop breast cancer.

Brisbane boy seeks help for swallowing disorder

15 March, 2018 by | Supplied by: Flavour Creations

Swallowing disorders are not limited to the elderly alone, and the case of a young Brisbane boy affected by dysphagia has highlighted the importance of recognising the signs and seeking treatment.

Stopping norovirus

12 March, 2018 by

Norovirus — the scourge of the cruise ship and, lately, the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

Is the microbiome shaped by nature or nurture?

06 March, 2018 by

A study found that genes only account for 2% of microbiome variation between populations, and other environmental factors are largely overlooked.

High-protein diet lowers Alzheimer's risk

06 March, 2018 by

Research has found that consuming protein-rich foods such as meat, legumes and peanuts reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Has infant formula been causing Salmonella for 13 years?

28 February, 2018 by Nichola Murphy

39 infants in France, Spain and Greece ill after consuming formula processed by Lactalis.

Foodbank and Perfection Fresh tackle food waste

20 February, 2018 by

Foodbank and Perfection Fresh are working together to reduce food waste and food insecurity by distributing fresh produce to Australians in need.

Consumer choice important in aged care

20 February, 2018 by

The inaugural Parliamentary Friends of Ageing and Aged Care event discussed the main pain points regarding food in residential aged-care facilities.

Five start-ups begin Chobani's Food Incubator Class

20 February, 2018 by

Chobani has selected five Australian food start-ups it will help develop new products that challenge the food industry through the inaugural CFI.

How are policies impacting trans fat consumption?

14 February, 2018 by

Several policies have been implemented worldwide to limit the availability of trans fat in the food supply, but banning trans fats would be the most effective global health intervention.

Digestive health gaining importance in nutraceutical industry

07 February, 2018 by

A survey of 220 nutraceutical industry professionals revealed that digestive health is one of their top priorities, which may be fuelled by an increasing customer interest in healthy gut microbiota and probiotics.

How heat kills Salmonella

07 February, 2018 by

Very high temperatures kill living cells very quickly, but what causes bacteria like Salmonella to die at lower temperatures and can this information be useful to food processors?

Listeria hysteria

01 February, 2018 by Nichola Murphy

At least 82 dead in South African listeriosis outbreak — source continues to be a mystery.

Vaccines fail to protect farmed fish from disease

31 January, 2018 by

Vaccines used by commercial fish farmers may actually be doing more harm than good.

Consumer confusion: what foods are healthy?

17 January, 2018 by

A survey conducted by New Nutrition Business found that 79% of consumers find messages surrounding health, food and nutrition confusing.

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