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An apple a day provides 100 million bacteria for your gut

15 October, 2019

A study has revealed that organic apples have a more diverse microbial population than conventional apples, with organic apples high in probiotic microorganisms.

Ingredion displays 'on-the-go' meals at Gulfood Manufacturing

14 October, 2019 | Supplied by: Ingredion

Ingredion will be showcasing a range of meals at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai, made with the company's texturisers, starches and food systems.

Hygienic Engineering Design Group branches out to Australia

11 October, 2019

Australia has joined the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) to help provide greater access to the group’s benefits for the local food manufacturing sector.

Research shows low-FODMAP diet relieves symptoms of IBD

08 October, 2019

Research has found that a diet low in fermented carbohydrates can improve certain gut symptoms for sufferers of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Descriptive flavours on labels encourage healthy eating, study

04 October, 2019

Evocative flavours like 'twisted citrus glazed carrots' rather than nutritional information on labels can encourage healthy choices, according to a study.

Infant formula more like human breast milk

03 October, 2019

UK scientists have engineered plants to produce an oil that mimics human milk fat, which could lead to more sustainable infant formula for babies who need it.

YILD Technical Spaces serviced labs

26 September, 2019 | Supplied by: YILD Technical Spaces Pty Ltd

YILD Technical Spaces provide a fully flexible multi-tenant lab technical facility which is suitable for food and beverage operations.

Your daily cuppa could improve brain health

26 September, 2019

Regular tea drinkers have better organised brain regions than non-tea drinkers, reveals a study led by the National University of Singapore.

Finding the right dietary fibre for gut microbes

24 September, 2019

Scientists have discovered that beneficial gut microbes thrive when fed specific fibre types, findings that could aid the design of nutritious foods.

Popping champagne corks creates mini supersonic shockwaves

23 September, 2019

The gases expelled from champagne bottlenecks are akin to those emitted by jetfighters and rockets, as scientists revealed through high-speed photography.

Could yoghurt be the key to tackling childhood obesity?

23 September, 2019

Chinese research has revealed that probiotic supplements could enhance weight loss and improve the metabolic health of obese children.

Nestlé institute for packaging research opens

23 September, 2019

A world where no Nestlé packaging ends up in landfill is the vision behind Nestlé's new Institute of Packaging Sciences in Vevey, Switzerland.

Gut-derived serotonin shown to negatively impact blood sugar

17 September, 2019

A recent study has revealed how gut bacteria impact the normally feel-good chemical serotonin to negatively influence blood sugar levels.

Got milk? Research reveals prehistoric British farmers did

16 September, 2019

A study reveals that Neolithic Britons drank milk and even processed it into cheese, suggesting that milk has been a staple part of human diets for centuries.

Analysing food products with next generation sequencing

11 September, 2019

Lifeprint GmbH is using next generation sequencing to analyse genetic material DNA in food to detect contaminants and adulterations.

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