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Study of tea finds industrial applications of filmy layer

08 September, 2021

Scientists have analysed the film that forms on cooling tea and have found that it has interesting industrial applications.

New gas-detecting LEDs pass the sniff test

02 September, 2021

The new LEDs can be used to easily and cheaply detect gases, including those that are produced by off food

Low-sodium salt to improve health

02 September, 2021

Research has found that those who use a low-sodium, high-potassium diet have a reduced chance of stroke.

Sweet deal: native bee can make lucrative and healthy sugar

30 August, 2021

A low GI sugar is produced in the gut of stingless bees and its production can be increased with a sucrose-rich diet.

Future steak: a personalised Wagyu beef alternative

26 August, 2021

Researchers have unveiled their 3D-bioprinted structured Wagyu beef-like meat alternative that looks like the real thing and could one day be personalised to your taste.

Sniffing out the best plant-based burgers

25 August, 2021

Some plant-based burgers smell like the real deal when they are cooking, though other products still have a long way to go, new research finds.

Latest new products: from vegan mac & cheese to Aussie peanut butter

20 August, 2021

A look at the latest product launches hitting the shelves.

Winners in the F&B sector after tough year

17 August, 2021

F&B giants such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Yili and Lindt emerged on top in the Brand Finance Food & Drink 2021 report after a tough year.

NZ pumpkin milk to hit shelves in Asia

16 August, 2021

Made from NZ kabocha buttercup squash, the plant milk is now heading to Asia, thanks to a partnership between a Hawke's Bay company and the MPI.

Mushroom Grow Bags developed from sugarcane biomass

12 August, 2021

Sunshine Sugar and Sustinent have developed Mushroom Grow Bags using sugarcane waste.

Scientists create artificial stomach to understand digestion

11 August, 2021

The scientists hope the findings could help in the effort to fight obesity and enhance drug absorption.

US scientists create Listeria map for pathogen tracing

10 August, 2021

Cornell food scientists have developed a mapping tool designed to track the deadly foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes, which could provide benefits for the food industry.

Craft beer more unique than mass-produced, says study

10 August, 2021

In news that vindicates beer snobs far and wide, researchers have discovered that craft beer is more unique when compared to mass-produced brews.

Food product launches: from wellness shots to Indigenous-owned coffee

06 August, 2021

Check out the latest product launches in the food and beverage sector.

Digital twins of orchards created to boost food production

02 August, 2021

Scientists are creating 'digital twins' of mango and macadamia orchards to help boost food production.

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