Food design & research

NASA seeks out-of-this-world food technology

25 January, 2022

NASA is looking for help to develop a new way of providing food for its astronauts on long-term space missions.

Australian research could herald future safety of bananas

24 January, 2022

Researchers are working hard to develop bananas that are resistant to the highly infectious and persistent Panama disease.

Nestlé develops healthy grain ratio concept

19 January, 2022

The concept helps consumers understand the ratio of fibre, sugars and carbohydrates, a good balance of which is needed in a healthy diet.

CitrusWatch: citrus disease surveillance program launched

19 January, 2022

The program will see surveillance against citrus pathogens cast wide across Australia in a bid to ensure that the industry is protected against disease threats.

The nutritional upside of eating insects

17 January, 2022

Scientists have analysed insect proteins to understand their composition and how best to integrate them into Western diets.

Researchers develop smart robotic navigation algorithms

12 January, 2022

The algorithms might see robots moving quickly and efficiently through complex environments without bumping into obstacles.

New Zealand: from peanuts to peanut industry

23 December, 2021

With a cash injection from the New Zealand Government, a peanut industry might soon be sprouting in the country's north.

Festive beverage product launches on shelves

16 December, 2021

What's new for Xmas? From a rum ball liqueur to a bottle of wine for each day of the season, here are some cheerful beverage launches.

Making large-scale cultivated meat production more affordable

14 December, 2021

Aleph Farms and WACKER develop an open supply chain solution for proteins to help eliminiate cost barriers for large-scale production of cultivated meat.

New Zealand invests in seaweed farming

14 December, 2021

A regenerative seaweed farming pilot has been financially backed by the New Zealand Government.

Printing fake meat in 3D using cocoa butter

10 December, 2021

Using an unusual combination of plant-based ingredients, researchers have created a new formula for alternative meat using a 3D printer.

Scientists stabilise vibrant blue colouring for food use

09 December, 2021

Cornell researchers have discovered a method that may allow phycocyanin, the main ingredient of blue spirulina, to be used more widely as a food dye.

The science of delicious food

06 December, 2021

The microscopic characteristics of some food delicacies have been studied in order to understand the mouthfeel of food and optimise techniques to create new foods.

A dash of sustainable 'wonky' seltzer

02 December, 2021

Dash Water from the UK has recently launched its 'wonky fruit' infused sparkling waters into the Australian market.

A natural way to manufacture wild strawberry flavour

22 November, 2021

A fungus has been used by scientists to produce a natural wild strawberry scent.

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