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Could yoghurt be the key to tackling childhood obesity?

23 September, 2019

Chinese research has revealed that probiotic supplements could enhance weight loss and improve the metabolic health of obese children.

Gut-derived serotonin shown to negatively impact blood sugar

17 September, 2019

A recent study has revealed how gut bacteria impact the normally feel-good chemical serotonin to negatively influence blood sugar levels.

Got milk? Research reveals prehistoric British farmers did

16 September, 2019

A study reveals that Neolithic Britons drank milk and even processed it into cheese, suggesting that milk has been a staple part of human diets for centuries.

Analysing food products with next generation sequencing

11 September, 2019

Lifeprint GmbH is using next generation sequencing to analyse genetic material DNA in food to detect contaminants and adulterations.

Fake meat too salty, research finds

11 September, 2019

Meat-free alternative products are increasingly popular with consumers, but new research has found that many are packed with salt.

Personalised nutrition, how does it work?

06 September, 2019

We are entering an age where science and technology can help identify which foods can best help us manage our weight and overall health.

Thermo Scientific Orion Star T900 series automated titrators

01 September, 2019 | Supplied by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Thermo Scientific Orion Star T900 series of automated titrators offer an easy-to-use solution for potentiometric titration.

New research to save cows from M. bovis disease

28 August, 2019

Researchers are trying to determine if there is a better way to prioritise the investigation of farms infected by M. bovis, a disease affecting herds of cattle.

Low-calorie 'butter' made from 80% water

22 August, 2019

Scientists have developed an emulsion process that uses a 4:1 water-to-oil ratio to produce a product that mimics a creamy butter, the low-cal way.

Apple-processing facility research to improve pathogen control

22 August, 2019

Three apple-processing facilities in the US, in which Listeria monocytogenes has been persistent, have been under research to improve pathogen control.

UK has healthiest packaged food, says survey

21 August, 2019

A survey of food and drink products from around the world has found that the UK has the healthiest packaged consumables of the 12 countries and territories surveyed.

Healthy heart guidelines updated for meat, dairy and eggs

21 August, 2019

Unflavoured full-fat milk, yoghurt and cheese option added, egg limit lifted but red meat limit placed in the latest Heart Foundation healthy heart diet guidelines.

South Australia plans to lift GM food crops ban

20 August, 2019

The South Australian Government plans to lift the Genetically Modified Food Crops Moratorium on mainland South Australia, but retain it on Kangaroo Island.

High-fat diets and leaky gut bacteria can cause diabetes

16 August, 2019

New research has revealed that our dietary choices can impact our gut bacteria, leading to what researchers call a 'leaky gut' and insulin resistance.

UNSW unveils Microbiome Research Centre

14 August, 2019

The Microbiome Research Centre will research the effects of microbiota on gut health, and their links to diseases like obesity and diabetes.

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