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Researchers closer to understanding cause of mango disorder

20 March, 2019

Bacterial infection is the likely cause of resin canal discolouration in Australian mangoes, which is estimated to cost the NT mango industry between $5m and $10m per year.

NZ hones in on honey bee health

12 March, 2019

Biosecurity New Zealand has studied over 130,000 honey bees from 300 samples taken throughout New Zealand as part of the Bee Pathogen Programme.

Interspecies communication in the gut

26 February, 2019

Move over sci-fi — interspecies communication is already going on in your gut and it's the bacteria, not you, that are the boss.

Poor diet means poor mental health

25 February, 2019

A Californian study found poor mental health is linked with an unhealthy diet, regardless of personal characteristics such as gender, education, age, marital status and income level.

Link between food allergies and multiple sclerosis

22 February, 2019

Evidence has been found connecting food allergies (but not other allergies) and relapses of multiple sclerosis.

What's in your gut?

19 February, 2019

100 new species of gut bacteria are making the gut microbiome more interesting.

Nestlé co-founds Future Food Initiative

07 February, 2019

Nestlé, Bühler and Givaudan have launched the Future Food Initiative, a joint research program which encourages food and nutrition research in areas relevant to consumer trends and sustainability.

Ever heard of the food allergy FPIES?

06 February, 2019

Most of us, including medical professionals, have never heard of FPIES and so this poorly understood food allergy is often misdiagnosed.

Food shock increasing globally, say researchers

30 January, 2019

The increasing number of 'food shocks' — sudden losses in food production — caused by extreme weather, overfishing and geopolitical crises pose significant threats to global food security.

Drug-manufacturing chickens

30 January, 2019

Tired of egg farming? Now you could put chicken expertise to a new use — drug manufacturing.

What nutrients are in your food?

29 January, 2019

Consumers can now make healthier food choices using FSANZ's refreshed nutrient database, where they can look up how much fibre is in dates or the amount of caffeine in chocolate.

Open your mind to packaging innovations

18 December, 2018 | Supplied by: Australian Institute of Packaging

Australian and New Zealand companies and individuals are encouraged to enter the 2019 Packaging Innovation & Design Awards.

Fresh ideas in the Australian ginger industry

06 December, 2018

The Australian ginger industry is going through a period of change, with a new AgriFutures panel chair and R&D investment focused on innovative agtech.

WSU invests $5m into food security research

05 December, 2018

Western Sydney University will collaborate with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and 13 state agricultural universities on research to address global issues of food security.

Toxins, carcinogens and opportunistic pathogens

05 December, 2018

There is risk in nearly everything we eat.

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