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Farmers can now grow food-grade wheatgrass

01 July, 2020

A food-grade wheatgrass variety called MN-Clearwater has been released for public use. The variety can provide new flavours for food products.

Consumers just like beer, regardless of bitterness source

01 July, 2020

A study could help in quality assurance at breweries, as it found beer consumers could be more forgiving than previously believed when it comes to bitterness.

Food additive in desserts alters gut microbiota in mice

30 June, 2020

Research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst suggests that the food additive titanium dioxide, also known as E171, can disrupt the gut microbiome.

COVID-19 leads to decline in US wine market volumes

25 June, 2020

US wine volume sales are predicted to be flat in 2020, with consumers drinking the same amount of wine, but doing more of it at home, reveals Wine Intelligence.

US study: 82% of avocado oil either rancid or adulterated

22 June, 2020

A study of commercial avocado oil quality and purity has found that the majority of avocado oil sold in the US is of poor quality, mislabelled or adulterated.

Study reveals which substances make coffee bitter

22 June, 2020

Researchers have provided new insights into the molecular interaction between five bitter compounds in coffee and bitter receptors.

Plant geneticists unmask hidden mutations in tomatoes

18 June, 2020

Researchers have identified long-concealed mutations within the genomes of 100 different types of tomato, which could guide efforts to tweak modern tomatoes.

Improving the fat taste in plant-based meat

17 June, 2020

Motif Foodworks has announced a partnership with Dr Alejandro Marangoni at the University of Guelph to improve fat performance in plant-based foods.

How long can coronavirus survive on difference surfaces?

16 June, 2020

A study published in Physics of Fluids has found that temperature, humidity and surfaces can affect coronavirus droplet survival time.

Consumer trend to immunity-boosting food post-COVID lockdown

15 June, 2020 | Supplied by: CHR Hansen

Chr. Hansen has revealed that consumers are more concerned about supporting their immune system since COVID-19 and predicts a trend in food with probiotics.

Winter crop production to rise

11 June, 2020

The prospect of above-average rainfall in July has boosted winter crop production forecasts, with ABARES predicting a 53% increase in winter crop production.

On the shelf: Monday Distillery goes dry before July

05 June, 2020

The Australian owned and operated Monday Distillery has introduced a non-alcoholic, sugar-free premade drink range in time for 'Dry July'.

Rising potential for Aussie wheat in Asian market

02 June, 2020 | Supplied by: Aegic

Research from AEGIC has found that the white seed coat in Australian wheat varieties gives Aussie wheat an advantage over competitors in the Asian wholegrain market.

Plant-based diet choices for Australians are no longer a fad

02 June, 2020 by Pascal Chaneliere, Bakers Maison Managing Director | Supplied by: Bakers Maison

Plant-based eating is only set to continue its rise in popularity and the industry needs to adapt to the needs of thoughtful and mindful consumers.

Bush food: researching the green plum

01 June, 2020

Researchers from the University of Queensland are investigating the health benefits of the green plum, a native Australian fruit grown in East Arnhem Land.

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