Unlocking the secrets of fruit quality

Thursday, 18 April, 2024

Unlocking the secrets of fruit quality

A team comprising researchers from Zhejiang University and Alexandria University has reviewed the critical relationship between the accumulation of anthocyanins and organic acids in fruits, highlighting how these factors influence fruit colour and consumer appeal through changes in vacuolar pH.

The analysis focused on the transcription factors (TFs) responsible for the co-regulation of genes affecting these quality traits, aiming to enhance fruit marketability. By establishing a genetic link and identifying the regulatory mechanisms involved, the team provided a roadmap for breeders to target specific traits for modification. Although progress has been made, the review underlines the necessity for further investigation to pinpoint key TFs and understand the impact of post-translational modifications and non-coding RNAs. This research could open new avenues for in-depth genetic and functional studies to refine fruit quality at the molecular level, promising significant strides in agricultural biotechnology.

Decades of research have focused on fruit quality traits like colour and acidity, which are crucial for consumer acceptance and market competitiveness. Colour, influenced by anthocyanins, and acidity, determined by organic acids, are pivotal for appeal and taste. Recent studies suggest a link between anthocyanin accumulation and acidity, indicating that these traits may be co-regulated by shared genetic pathways and transcription factors (TFs). However, there’s a lack of in-depth research on the specific functions of individual TFs in managing both traits simultaneously.

The team’s study has been published in Fruit Research.

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