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LIMA DDS meat/bones separators and desinewers

19 May, 2014

The LIMA DDS range of meat/bones separators and desinewers produce high textured meat for further processing and high-value products. The bones are not crushed in the machine and come out in the waste almost intact. The produced ground meat looks almost like mince meat, being processed using low pressure.

Ennio netted edible collagen casings

19 May, 2014

Ennio's netted edible collagen casing gives users the ability and flexibility to tailor an all-in-one netting and edible casing product to suit their needs. The one-tube system applies the netting and collagen together with no waste. The single application provides fast production rates and the collagen becomes part of the meat.

Marel RevoPortioner seafood portioner

18 May, 2014

With the RevoPortioner from Marel Townsend Further Processing, users can make well-portioned seafood products at low pressure while retaining the texture and structure of the raw material.

Vemag Alginate and Auto Ball Loader

14 May, 2014

Vemag Australia has a range of food processing and packaging machinery.

Minimising bandsaw injuries in the meat industry

14 May, 2014

BladeStop is a brake mechanism that reduces the risk of serious injury by mechanically stopping bandsaw blades when they come into contact with people.

Marel I-Cut 130 portion cutter

13 May, 2014

High accuracy, raw material optimisation and maximum return on investment can be achieved with Marel's I-Cut 130 Portion Cutter. The machine uses the latest hardware and software technology to enable users to portion fish into fixed-weight and fixed-length portions.

Treif Falcon Hybrid continuous slicing/portioning machine

13 May, 2014

The Treif Falcon Hybrid is a continuous slicing/portioning machine for boneless or bone-in meat products. This high-production machine is suited to mid- to large-scale food processing facilities where it can be used for slicing portions of a prescribed weight as well as slices to a certain thickness without any kind of weight specification.

Heat and Control Twin Drum Spiral Oven

16 April, 2014

The Twin Drum Spiral Oven from Heat and Control is a twin spiral cooking system that gives food processors independent control over each drum's cooking environment.

Marel MS 2730 Filleting Machine

10 April, 2014

The MS 2730 Filleting Machine from Marel can process up to 25 fish/min and offers an increased yield, which is achieved by an extra cut made from anal vent to tail.

Heat and Control Micro Breader Breading Applicator

04 April, 2014

Heat and Control has reduced the length of its breading applicator. Sixty centimetres shorter than standard models, the Micro Breader Breading Applicator is suitable for use with a range of products including flour and crumb coatings.

Gut washer improves tallow quality

03 April, 2014

Thomas Foods International's Murray Bridge facility in South Australia has the capacity to process 5000 head of cattle and 52,500 head of lamb and mutton each week. The company recently installed a gut washer from CST Wastewater Solutions.

Europe looks at meat transportation, storage and the cold chain

31 March, 2014

A variety of carcass chilling regimes, combining maximum surface temperature and maximum transportation times can achieve bacterial growth results equivalent to or lower than the current requirements.

pitt&sherry to design $10m Strahan Aquaculture Hub

28 March, 2014

pitt&sherry has been chosen to work on the $10 million Strahan Aquaculture Hub development on Tasmania's west coast. The engineering consultancy has secured key planning approvals and will undertake detailed design for the TSGA development.

Marel ProCon Flowline fish-processing flowline

11 March, 2014

Marel has introduced ProCon Flowline fish-processing flowline. The system uses RFID technology to track all product on the line and monitor performance.

Milmeq V16 Plate Freezer system

07 March, 2014

The Milmeq V16 Plate Freezer is a system suitable for snap-freezing seafood product. Product is loaded into the freezer cavities by an operator and rapidly frozen through a contact freezing method.

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