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Pig farm successfully eradicates antibiotic-resistant bacteria

25 September, 2015

A German pig farm found to be contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria has been successfully decontaminated.

Spray chilling nozzles for meat processing

26 August, 2015

Spray Nozzle Engineering has developed a range of carcass-chilling nozzles to suit existing or new systems.

From paddock to plate or farm to fridge

18 August, 2015

Traceability is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the meat supply chain as consumers demand to know more about where their meat products come from.

Vaccines developed for H5N1, H7N9 avian influenza strains

03 June, 2015

Researchers have used a new method to develop vaccines for two strains of avian influenza that can be transmitted from poultry to humans.

TOMRA Sorting Foods Nimbus meat sorting machine

20 May, 2015

TOMRA Sorting Foods' Nimbus meat sorting machine is suitable for sorting various meats including bacon bits, beef jerky and individually quick frozen (IQF) meat.

What food firms need to know about meat and poultry recalls

13 April, 2015

When food firms face a meat or poultry recall, several factors determine how that recall affects the firm's bottom line. The most impactful factor is the class of the recall, which determines if a severe human health hazard is involved. Other factors include the size of the recall, size of the firm, if the firm has prior experience dealing with a recent recall and the media coverage surrounding the event.

Marel Townsend Further Processing 2800 Sausage Peeler

11 April, 2015

Marel Townsend Further Processing has launched the 2800 Sausage Peeler, which has a capacity of 225 m/min.

Automation and meat processing

08 April, 2015

With quality and hygiene the top priorities in the meat processing industry, manufacturers are turning to state-of-the-art sensors that not only control production, but also record inline the quality of raw goods and manufacture.

Good conditions for Australian seafood industry growth

08 April, 2015

The outlook for the seafood sector is bright, with continued growth in seafood consumption both in Australia and overseas providing new markets and opportunities for Australian producers.

FOSS MeatMaster II X-ray analyser

17 March, 2015

The FOSS MeatMaster II X-ray analyser enables meat producers to measure the fat content of entire batches of meat and at the same time check for foreign objects.

Multidrum breader for 'homestyle' breading

16 February, 2015

The GEA MultiDrum breader can re-create 'homestyle' breading on an industrial scale.

Wanted: Optimal carcass valorisation 2.0

10 February, 2015 by Frans van der Steen, Meat Technology and Development Manager, Marel

Within the meat industry, great efficiencies, and thus added value, can be achieved by optimally overviewing, monitoring and connecting the entire chain, from hog to hot dog. This chain consists of farmers, slaughterhouses, residual meat producers and processors producing final products. While each party involved tends to have a good overview mainly of their own part of the production process, a food technological approach adds value by overviewing as well as monitoring the entire chain for optimal economic and societal utility. It does so, among others, by connecting supply and demand within the chain, allowing for optimal carcass valorisation 2.0 to take place.

Fish smoking technique uses smoke flavourings and water vapour permeable bag

04 February, 2015

Researchers have developed a technique for fish salting and smoking using water vapour permeable bags.

Advice on navigating China's animal protein market

12 January, 2015

According to a recent Rabobank report, China's demand for foreign animal protein products shows great growth potential. However, the path to success for western animal protein companies in China remains complex and challenging.

How 'chicken juice' helps Campylobacter thrive

17 November, 2014

'Chicken juice' is the key to understanding the persistence of Campylobacter in food processing environments, a new study from the Institute of Food Research has shown.

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