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Big brother to watch over all Inghams plants

02 April, 2013

Inghams has announced it will install video monitoring at all of its processing plants following the release of a video showing employees kicking, stomping and punching live turkeys.

Funding for E. coli vaccine development

02 April, 2013

Bioniche Life Sciences received $500,000 from the National Research Council of Canada to further develop an E. coli O157 vaccine.

Turkey bashers sacked by Inghams

25 March, 2013

Inghams has terminated five employees from its Tahmoor abattoir following Lateline’s airing of a video showing employees kicking, punching and stomping live turkeys prior to processing.

Eagle FA 720 fat analysis system

21 March, 2013

The Eagle FA 720 system offers accuracy in fat analysis, ensuring meat processors are supplying meat at customer-specified chemical lean (CL) values.

GEA DualSlicer meat slicer

20 February, 2013

The GEA DualSlicer from GEA Food Solutions has two independent grippers that enable it to slice two logs independently with little giveaway. Like its predecessor, the GEA GigaSlicer, it is easy to clean.

No horsemeat on the menu for Australia

18 February, 2013

According to Dr Shevahn Telfser, a livestock lecturer from CSU’s School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences, the risk of horsemeat making its way into beef products in Australia is very small.

Queensland chicken growers get collective-bargaining go-ahead

29 January, 2013

Queensland broiler chicken growers have received authorisation from the ACCC to collectively bargain with three major poultry processors in the state.

Marel ITM2 Trimming Robot for salmon trimming

18 January, 2013

Marel’s ITM2 Trimming Robot is suitable for high-value salmon trimming. The company claims the robot can work more quickly, reliably and consistently than a master trimmer working at peak performance, and can do so continuously.

New resources to encourage food safety

21 November, 2012

Cross-contamination is the theme of this year’s Food Safety Week. The Australian Chicken Meat Foundation has launched an online resource aimed at educting consumers about safe food handling practices.

Cattle vaccine works to reduce E. coli O157:H7

05 November, 2012

A commercial vaccine for cattle can effectively reduce levels of E. coli by more than 50% according to a Kansas State University study.

Robotic system automates poultry deboning process

25 June, 2012 by Rick Robinson

Researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have developed a prototype system that uses advanced imaging technology and a robotic cutting arm to automatically debone chicken and other poultry products.

Woolworths opens $31 million meat processing plant

24 March, 2012

Woolworths has opened a $31 million extension to its meat centre in Bunbury, Western Australia.

Reducing poultry pathogens with plasma

14 February, 2012

Researchers at Drexel University have demonstrated a technique for killing pathogens on raw poultry that could reduce foodborne illness. Using plasma, the research team was able to eliminate or significantly reduce bacteria on skinless chicken breast and chicken skin.

GBS decrease due to NZ Campylobacter regulations

13 February, 2012

Stricter regulations for fresh chicken processing in New Zealand have been linked to a significant decrease in an autoimmune condition.

Schunk LMG-44 and LMG-64 stainless steel grippers

09 December, 2011

The Schunk LMG-44 and LMG-64 stainless steel grippers can be used in applications where fresh food products are to be handled automatically, such as in processing and packing lines.

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