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Pump for Pukka Pies’ meat fillings

29 April, 2011

MasoSine pump technology from the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has solved a number of pump-related problems for UK pie manufacturer Pukka Pies. Aiming to lower decibel levels, reduce cycle times and cut energy consumption, Pukka Pies replaced pneumatically operated air pumps with MasoSine SPS 2.5 pumps to transfer meat fillings at its headquarters in Syston, Leicestershire, from where it produces over 60 million pies every year.

Importance of fixed weight

29 April, 2011

Fixed weight and fixed size packing is steadily becoming more and more popular - and the packing method is on the agenda at many producers. The benefits of fixed weight and/or size packing are primarily found in case ready and food service.

Primo simplifies its distribution and delivery

28 April, 2011 by

Pallets, boxes, containers and crates transport Primo and Hans products around Australia, which, until recently, have been provided by several suppliers. Primo, Australia’s largest producer of ham, bacon and smallgoods, has recently made the switch to CHEP as its sole supplier in order to create a more efficient streamlined process for its distribution and delivery, and reduce costs and administration time.

Waiter, has this chicken been frozen?

06 December, 2010 by

Consumers are willing to pay a premium for fresh poultry but how can they be certain that a product has not been previously frozen or partially frozen and then thawed?

Green energy from chicken meat processing waste

06 December, 2010 by

Food processing and other organic waste streams are often very high in energy potential and produced in significant quantities. Trade waste is an expense and green credentials are gaining importance in the eyes of the consumer.

Active packaging keeps meat fresh for longer

06 December, 2010

To date, supermarkets have only been able to keep products on their meat counters for a few days. But now researchers have developed an antimicrobial active packaging film that destroys the microorganisms on the product surface, thereby increasing the shelf life not only of fresh meat, but also of fish, cheese and other cold cuts.

Frozen mussel processing system using tna’s rofloHMW 3 conveyors

05 November, 2010 by

Packaging and processing specialist tna has installed an integrated system at North Island Mussel Processors Limited (NIMPL) in Tauranga, New Zealand, which can withstand the challenging frozen mussel processing environment. This latest customised distribution solution combines an open, gateless stainless steel design with caustic washdown capabilities to minimise food safety risks.

BFD Hydrauhopp Advanced Technology Meat Recovery System

05 November, 2010 by

The BFD Hydrauhopp Advanced Technology Meat Recovery System (AMR) retrieves residual meat from bones in a manner that retains highest possible quality product.

Reducing Salmonella contamination on chicken carcasses

06 October, 2010 by

Poultry processors who constantly engage in the battle to keep Salmonella contamination off their products may have a new procedure at their disposal: add some salt and turn up the heat.

Find E. coli in beef faster

14 September, 2010

Infrared spectroscopy can detect E. coli faster than current testing methods and can cut days off investigations of outbreaks, according to a study at Purdue University.

Coles provides hormone-free beef

07 September, 2010

Coles is sourcing hormone growth promotant (HGP)-free beef from its Australian cattle producers to achieve its goal of providing customers with the best quality fresh food.

Grasselli skinning and slicing systems

06 September, 2010 by

The machine frames on Grasselli skinning and slicing systems are made of heavy-duty stainless steel for strength in the unforgiving meat processing environment. Parts such as tooth rollers and blade holders are heat treated for durability and prolonged life. The quick blade change system allows easy access and reduces downtime during processing. Modular conveyors with the intralock belt system means only worn parts are replaced, to save costs.

Automated slaughter line for salmon

04 June, 2010

Norway is now operating the first salmon slaughter line in the world to use automatic bleeding based on machine vision and robot technology. The innovation makes for more rational operation, says the system’s pilot operator.

Innovative packaging solutions for meat and meat products

04 June, 2010

In May, 949 exhibitors from all over the world presented their latest products, services and high-tech solutions for processing meats at the leading meat industry exhibition - IFFA 2010. At the exhibition, Prof Dr Horst-Christian Langowski* of the Fraunhofer Institute discussed the latest developments in packaging technology.

Knowing when poultry goes foul

13 May, 2010

Researchers have designed an instrument that can quickly detect poultry spoilage without damaging the product and can be used by suppliers during all stages of processing, transport and storage.

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