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Air-powered kebab skewer

01 June, 2008

MiVEG semi-automatic kebab skewers can hygienically produce more than 4000 kebabs/h. German beech wood can be used to pierce poultry, vegetables, cheese or meat and the final result still looks like a homemade product.

Cold-water prawn peeling

01 June, 2008

Laitram Machinery has unveiled an advancement to improve yield and product quality in the cold water prawn peeling line — a rubber peeler roller that provides enhanced friction for improved peeling, yet is less abrasive to the peeled meat.

Bacon processing

01 June, 2008

In the bacon industry, product quality and lower cost of production are of utmost importance. To achieve this goal, the Stein GCO II GYRoCompact spiral oven from FMC FoodTech is an alternative for bacon processors using conventional microwave ovens.

Early detection of fish and meat spoilage

01 June, 2008

Studies have recently been completed analysing the ability of the Syft Technologies Voice 200 instrument, which utilises the SIFT-MS platform, to detect early spoilage of meats and seafood.

Whole poultry pack

01 June, 2008

Packaging Automation and Rovipack Packaging Solutions have developed a sealing solution for a dome-style pack for whole chickens.

Belt for meat microwave applications

13 February, 2008

Intralox has released the Series 800 Raised Rib belt, which has been developed specifically to better meet the conveyance needs of meat processors in tough microwave applications. The belt features a 5 cm pitch, which contributes to added beam stiffness, belt strength and a longer service life. The Series 800 Raised Rib is suitable for bacon strip lines.

Bone line concept

17 January, 2008

The Pace Bone Line joins the Marel Flowline concept with each worker monitored for yield, throughput and quality, and the Carnitech Pace Line where the group work concept is utilised without requiring a skilled butcher.


13 June, 2007

The Fomaco M3 series injectors can be used to inject brines, marinades and proteins into poultry, pork, beef and fish products. The injectors are available with one, two or three needle bridges depending on the level of injection and tenderising process required.

Direct steam injection cooking

18 May, 2007

The BenchTop RotaTherm Continuous Cooking system is a single skid that forward feeds and cooks, with options for various cooling set-ups - flash de-aeration, indirect or in a combination.

Electric meat trimmers

13 November, 2006

Removing the flex shaft cable drive system to power electric meat trimmers has allowed IBEX to create a meat trimming system which delivers lower operating costs and eliminates cable vibration for operators.

Heat and serve for fresh produce

13 September, 2006

The Simple Steps package for produce is an easy-open, microwaveable package that offers a quick and easy way to steam fresh vegetables in the microwave.

Extended shelf-life ham technology

13 September, 2006

Schinkentec ham preservation technology is claimed to enhance a ham's flavour, colour and texture and also extend its shelf life.

Electric meat trimming system

11 August, 2006

Lower operating costs are obtainable with the removal of the flex shaft cable drive system to power electric meat trimmers - IBEX is now able to deliver lower operating costs to owners and eliminate cable vibration for operators of meat trimmers.

Taking the guesswork out of electrical stimulation

11 August, 2006

New technology jointly developed by Realcold Milmech in conjunction with Applied Sorting Technologies and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has taken the guesswork out of applying electrical stimulation to cattle and sheep carcasses

“Country of origin” on seafood labels

08 June, 2006

From today (8 June) there will be “country of origin†labels on the seafood displays.

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