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Rendering equipment choices

23 October, 2009 by

In a recent study, Meat and Livestock Australia investigated the cost of rendering at several plants throughout Australia. The investigations revealed that the cost of producing one tonne of rendered product ranged between $130 and $253.

New Zealand making chooks safer

16 October, 2009

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority is taking the lead for the International Codex Committee on Food Hygiene (CCFH) in developing standards to combat campylobacter in broiler chickens.

Methods to increase safety of smoked salmon

01 October, 2009 by

A recent study from the Journal of Food Science, published by the Institute of Food Technologists, determined that smoking salmon at adequately high temperatures is a step in reducing the risk of Listeria monocytogenes in the fish.

International meat industry on show

01 October, 2009 by

IFFA will take place from 8-13 May 2010 in Frankfurt am Main.

Australia refines its food safety rules for imported beef and beef products

01 October, 2009 by

Australia is adjusting its imported food policy settings regarding bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) for beef and beef products. The changes follow a review of current settings and will come into effect from 1 March 2010.

Meat grinders

03 July, 2009 by

The alco Frozen Meat Grinder, Fresh Meat Grinder and type AMG 300 HD Combined Grinder are suitable for applications in the food industry and also for pet food products.

Nitrogen/protein determination in meat derivatives

01 April, 2009

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released an application note that outlines capabilities for determining the protein composition in meat derivative products. The note, titled ‘Nitrogen/protein determination in meat derivative products using the Thermo Scientific Flash 4000’, details the analytical conditions and methodology necessary to achieve reliable protein content determination.

Strategies to reduce incidence of campylobacteriosis in NZ

12 December, 2008

As part of its strategy to reduce the incidence of Campylobacter in the food chain, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority has released a series of reports on scientific studies which cover aspects of managing Campylobacter across the food chain and include on-farm management practices, information about the effectiveness of freezing and leak-proof packaging, consumer issues and determining the source of Campylobacter.

Cold-water prawn peeling

01 June, 2008

Laitram Machinery has unveiled an advancement to improve yield and product quality in the cold water prawn peeling line — a rubber peeler roller that provides enhanced friction for improved peeling, yet is less abrasive to the peeled meat.

Whole poultry pack

01 June, 2008

Packaging Automation and Rovipack Packaging Solutions have developed a sealing solution for a dome-style pack for whole chickens.

Air-powered kebab skewer

01 June, 2008

MiVEG semi-automatic kebab skewers can hygienically produce more than 4000 kebabs/h. German beech wood can be used to pierce poultry, vegetables, cheese or meat and the final result still looks like a homemade product.

Conveying poultry

01 June, 2008

Intralox has introduced hygienic conveyance solutions for poultry processing and technology for back-of-the-plant case handling applications.

Early detection of fish and meat spoilage

01 June, 2008

Studies have recently been completed analysing the ability of the Syft Technologies Voice 200 instrument, which utilises the SIFT-MS platform, to detect early spoilage of meats and seafood.

Bacon processing

01 June, 2008

In the bacon industry, product quality and lower cost of production are of utmost importance. To achieve this goal, the Stein GCO II GYRoCompact spiral oven from FMC FoodTech is an alternative for bacon processors using conventional microwave ovens.

Belt for meat microwave applications

13 February, 2008

Intralox has released the Series 800 Raised Rib belt, which has been developed specifically to better meet the conveyance needs of meat processors in tough microwave applications. The belt features a 5 cm pitch, which contributes to added beam stiffness, belt strength and a longer service life. The Series 800 Raised Rib is suitable for bacon strip lines.

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