MAJA-OPS (Operator Protection System)

Thursday, 19 November, 2015 | Supplied by: CBS Foodtech

To address the high number of hand- and finger-related injuries that occur, CBS Foodtech includes operator training programs along with equipment such as the German-manufactured MAJA de-rinding machines.

The de-rinding machines, which are suitable for use in the industrial meat processing industry, offer increased yield and good engineering along with their focus on operator safety and comfort.

The MAJA-OPS (Operator Protection System) is an active system for avoiding injury when operating the open de-rinding/skinning machines and offers considerable risk minimisation benefits to the operator.

The operator protection system MAJA-OPS connects the machine user electrically with the machine.

The operator wears two electrically conductive gloves that serve as electrodes. As soon as the operator has to put on the gloves and connected to the machine, this is recognised by the electronic system and the machine is released.

In order to avoid any conductive connection when touching the machine, the operator wears a second insulating rubber glove over the conductive glove.

The operator also wears electrically insulated boots.

As soon as the insulating glove is damaged by the knife or a tooth of the transport roller, the electrical connection occurs from the operator to the machine. As a result of this contact, the rotating direction of the toothed roller is reversed and stopped. A short video demonstrating this in operation can be found on CBS Foodtech's YouTube Channel (search Maja OPS).

The Maja Operator Protection System is a suitable companion for the membrane skinning machine EVM 4006 Split, but is also compatible with the Maja EVM 4004, ESM4550 and ESM4800 machines.

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