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Marel MasterLink

05 September, 2017

The compact Marel MasterLink produces a wide variety of fresh sausages with a constant length and weight without a twist.

Can probiotics combat pathogens?

30 August, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

Probiotics could form an alternative to antimicrobials, according to researchers from Ontario Veterinary College.

Jellyfish crisps: the snack that will curb problematic numbers

31 July, 2017

With an increasing number of jellyfish swarming the sea, scientists have found a new method of controlling these 'blooms' — jellyfish crisps.

GEA MultiJector continuous inline injection

28 June, 2017

The GEA MultiJector is designed for marination by a continuous inline injection solution.

Carcase measurement: differentiating meat from fat and bone

20 June, 2017

A new, Australian-developed scanning technology system that provides concise information about a carcase, including the amount of meat, fat and bone, offers efficiency and productivity gains. MLA has already announced plans to install the technology at meat processing facilities across the country.

Naturex Cleanatis M1 and Cleanatis M2 antimicrobial ingredients

12 June, 2017

Naturex has developed two natural and taste-free antimicrobial ingredients for the prevention of spoilage in meat products.

GEA CookStar spiral oven

12 June, 2017

The third-generation GEA CookStar spiral oven is a three-phase cooking concept in a double-spiral configuration.

Dealing with corrosive environments when processing shellfish

08 June, 2017

The nsd tupH from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is an afforable aluminium drive for shellfish processing that can comfortably be washed down to achieve stainless steel-grade resistance to corrosion.

'Pink slime' goes to court

07 June, 2017

Beef Products Inc is now suing the ABC for US$1.9 billion in damages following the ABC's 2012 program which alerted US consumers to the presence of 'pink slime' (officially known as lean finely textured beef) in 70% of the minced meat sold in supermarkets.

GEA MultiDrum breader

07 June, 2017

The GEA MultiDrum breader can be used to produce authentic looking natural bone-in and boneless products with a crunchy golden coating. The latest version of the breader features a larger belt width and more robust features.

How to expand your plant without disrupting production

05 June, 2017

At a large-scale meat processing plant, current production levels were fast becoming unsustainable without expanding operation in the key area of boning. But with operations running continuously at the facility, the challenge was to find a solution that could be implemented with minimal impact on the business.

Marel FleXicut fish processor

18 May, 2017

FleXicut removes pinbones in whitefish and can also divide the loin, cut the belly flap or tail and portion the fish to user specifications. The uniform, precision-cut products it produces are then distributed into up to eight product streams using the FleXisort product distribution system.

Foodlogistik DerindR Comfort 450 automatic and manual derinder

16 May, 2017

Capable of the derinding of all pork cuts, as well as lamb or mutton backstraps, the Foodlogistik DerindR Comfort 450 derinder can be used both automatically and manually.

JBT DSI 800 Pork Belly Processing System

08 May, 2017

The DSI 800 Pork Belly Processing System automatically inspects, trims and sorts pork bellies by employing sophisticated software combined with a machine vision system and high-pressure water jets.

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