Four projects to drive demand for red meat

Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd

Friday, 01 July, 2022

Four projects to drive demand for red meat

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has announced that it will be concentrating on four large international projects in the next financial year and beyond to drive an interest in red meat. The announcement comes after the MLA’s international market leaders came together earlier in March to formulate the projects that it would be targeting, with focus put on improving consistency and collaboration across the organisation’s 16 offshore locations.

The projects include one dedicated to market access, which is a foundation of the international program for the MLA that encourages technical and economic access activities.

Secondly, it will be looking to bring together the account and supply chain targeted activities that the MLA conducts, like trade shows, point-of-sale and instore promotion, menu promotions and co-market activities.

The third project is concentrating on the Aussie Meat Academy. This will aggregate completed offshore work for building knowledge, education and inspiration in the food industry. It will include seminars, immersions, e-learning, Lambassador and an upcoming ambassador program for ‘True Aussie Beef’.

Finally, the country of origin brand building project will also be addressed, with the aforementioned ambassador consumer programs, public relations and social media all playing into increasing country of origin consciousness.

MLA points to the Lambassador program as an example of the benefits of working in a global and scalable manner. This program brings chefs from around the world into Australia to show the culinary attraction of cooking with Australian lamb.

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