Australian Eggs, has been developed to help egg farmers understand and respond to evolving community expectations." />

The good egg on sustainability

Monday, 11 March, 2019

The good egg on sustainability

Australians eat on average 245 eggs every year. As consumers we are becoming increasingly interested in where and how those eggs are produced.

The Sustainability Framework Report, released by the industry’s research body, Australian Eggs, has been developed to help egg farmers understand and respond to evolving community expectations.

The CSIRO research program was designed to give the community a voice about different aspects of egg farming, and the opinions of thousands of Australians who participated in this research about egg farming in Australia have been addressed in the report.

According to Australian Eggs’ Managing Director Rowan McMonnies: “By commissioning the CSIRO to develop and deliver the engagement with the community, we were able to gain an insight into the areas of our industry that are of greatest interest to people.

“The CSIRO community research identified a number of priority issues such as nutrition, animal husbandry and the carbon footprint of the industry. The report provides context on these issues, identifies progress to date and lists opportunities for ongoing improvement.

Rowan McMonnies.

“The next step for the industry is to identify ways to bring these community values to a practical commercial setting and this will be the focus of Australian Eggs’ research program for the new year.”

Bede Burke has farmed in Tamworth, New South Wales, for over 35 years. He welcomes the launch of the Sustainability Framework as a means of improving understanding of the egg industry.

Bede Burke in Tamworth.

“The research underpinning the Sustainability Framework has provided the industry with a clear insight into community expectations around egg production in Australia.

“The Framework has created a roadmap for egg producers that will help guide the future direction of our businesses. Importantly, it will also improve the community’s understanding of complex issues such as hen welfare, biosecurity and the overall economic viability of the egg industry.”

The Sustainability Framework Report completes the first annual cycle of a three-year program of engagement with Australians, designed to ensure the industry farms eggs in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

“This work will enable egg farmers to understand how community attitudes are evolving and make more informed decisions to ensure their businesses are on track with community expectations,” McMonnies said.

The Sustainability Framework can be found at

The CSIRO report into the findings of its research program can be found at

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