Plant-based bacteria used to make vegan yoghurt

21 January, 2020

A lactic acid bacteria from Danish plants has been used to make an entirely vegan 'yoghurt' with just three ingredients.

Coeliac disease triggered by bacterial exposure

20 January, 2020

Exposure to a type of bacteria that mimics gluten can confuse the immune system and trigger coeliac disease, according to researchers from Monash University.

Effects of heirloom and modern wheat on gut health

09 January, 2020

A report has revealed that a popular modern variety of wheat does not impair gut health in mice when compared to heirloom wheat varieties.

Sugar levels drop in UK yoghurts

09 January, 2020

A University of Leeds study has found there was an overall 13% decrease in total sugar content in yoghurts sold in UK supermarkets.

Call for comment on soy leghemoglobin usage in food items

08 January, 2020 | Supplied by: Food Standards Australia ANZ

FSANZ has issued a call for comment on an application by Impossible Foods Inc. for the use of a protein, soy leghemoglobin, in meat analogue products.

Australia bans sale of pure caffeine powders

13 December, 2019

On 12 December, the Australian Government acted to ban pure and highly concentrated caffeinated food products.

Meatless goes mainstream in the US

10 December, 2019

Nestlé USA has added its plant-based meat alternative to oven-ready pizzas and lasagnes.

DuPont plant-based solutions portfolio

09 December, 2019 | Supplied by: DuPont (Aust) Limited

A launch pad to new product development, DuPont's plant-based solutions portfolio allows food producers to meet demand for meat and dairy-free foods.

What's in a grain? New guidelines for flour mills

03 December, 2019 | Supplied by: Aegic

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre has plans to standardise whole grain guidelines and authenticate whole grain flour, to support flour millers.

Is lupin the next superfood?

03 December, 2019

Researchers are developing a way to turn lupin seed waste into treatment for high blood glucose, which could benefit people with Type 2 diabetes.

Will 2020 be the year of inulin?

19 November, 2019

Low in sugar, high in protein, inulin is a type of soluble fibre found in fruits and vegetables. It's also predicted to be the next big food trend in 2020.

DuPont Danisco dairy enzyme range

08 November, 2019 | Supplied by: DuPont (Aust) Limited

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has introduced a lactase range that can enable fermented dairy products that are low in sugar, high in fibre and lactose-free.

Singapore to ban ads for sugary drinks

06 November, 2019

Singapore will introduce mandatory colour-coded nutrition labels and ban advertising for sugar-sweetened beverages, in a major step in the war on sugar.

Meet the ingredient set to disrupt chocolate and nut pairing

30 October, 2019

Research from Macadamias Australia showed that macadamias are perceived to be a nutritious and indulgent ingredient that can add variety to chocolate products.

Sweet excess: FIZZ calls for sugar tax in New Zealand

30 October, 2019

Scientists, dentists, doctors and the beverage industry will discuss the impact sugar has on health at the FIZZ event in Auckland.

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