Government salt reduction scheme not enough, study shows

04 February, 2021

New research has suggested the government targets designed to lower salt content in packaged foods will make little difference to the health of Australians.

Which juicing technique is best for your health?

03 February, 2021

New research has found the choice of household juicing technique can influence health outcomes from common vegetable juices.

The microbial life of sourdough

03 February, 2021

New research has garnered insight into the relationship between sourdough and its starting ingredients' microbial ecosystem.

Clean label pectin market to bounce back after pandemic

01 February, 2021

New research has found nearly 80% of the clean label pectin demand has been concentrated in the food and beverage sector.

Is mead more like beer or wine?

21 January, 2021

Believed to be the oldest fermented drink in the world, mead, or 'honey wine', is now being brewed in the Hunter Region. So what on earth is mead?

Plant-based citrus yoghurt market on the rise

19 January, 2021

Citrus yoghurt sales are likely to be concentrated in conventional formulations, but plant-based alternatives will feature more in years to come.

Solventless process to assess thiols in beers

13 January, 2021

The innovation will provide brewers with greater control in the production process, allowing them to differentiate among subtle flavours.

Could white bread be healthier with new chickpea flour?

13 January, 2021

A chickpea-derived flour has been specially milled and processed into white bread, which researchers found improved the glycaemic responses of people eating it in a trial.

An avo a day equals a happy gut

06 January, 2021

Eating avocado as part of your daily diet can help improve gut health, according to new research.

Sweetening up sheep milk kefir

17 December, 2020

The type of sugar used to sweeten sheep milk kefir may improve consumer acceptance, according to research in the Journal of Dairy Science that tested five different sugars.

DuPont POWERFresh Special and POWERSoft Cake 8010 enzymes

16 December, 2020 | Supplied by: DuPont Australia Pty Ltd

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has launched POWERFresh Special and POWERSoft Cake 8010 enzymes in Japan.

DuPont Danisco Planit plant-based ingredient range

15 December, 2020 | Supplied by: DuPont Australia Pty Ltd

DuPont's Danisco Planit range offers food and beverage manufacturers a broad selection of ingredients for plant-based product development.

Singapore approves lab-grown chicken nuggets

09 December, 2020 | Supplied by: IDTechEx

Singapore approves cultured meat: could this be a major step forward for the cultured meat industry?

DuPont Versilk enzyme for yoghurt

09 December, 2020 | Supplied by: DuPont Australia Pty Ltd

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences' Versilk allows dairy and plant-based dairy alternative manufacturers to achieve high-protein products with a clean taste, desirable texture and no off-flavours.

FreshQ DA food culture solution

03 December, 2020 | Supplied by: Chr. Hansen

Now in its third generation, the latest version is aimed at the growing market for fermented plant-based foods.

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