Gut health research on display

21 March, 2019

Twenty-three new abstracts looking at advances in gut microbiome research will be presented at the 2019 Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit.

Macadamia nut innovation challenge

19 March, 2019

Next month, the second Macadamia Innovation Challenge finals will take place in Byron Bay, Australia.

Avocado seeds may be able to treat inflammation

15 March, 2019

Avocado seed extracts could be a potential source for novel anti-inflammatory compounds that could be developed as a functional food ingredient or pharmaceuticals.

Welch's develops neutralised Concord grape juice

15 March, 2019

Welch's Global Ingredients Group has developed a technology that neutralises the aroma and flavour of its Concord grape juice, which can be used as a base wine or blender.

CSPI waves goodbye to Salt Institute

12 March, 2019

Center for Science in the Public Interest has welcomed the news that the Salt Institute will close at the end of March, stating it "will not be missed".

Kemin Powerpacked Molecule antioxidant technology

11 March, 2019 | Supplied by: Kemin Industries Inc

The Kemin Powerpacked Molecule antioxidant technology is designed to help keep food and beverage products safer and fresher for longer.

Auckland's fruit fly problem continues

11 March, 2019

After finding another two fruit flies in Auckland, biosecurity officials are considering whether further restrictions on the movement of fruit and vegetables are necessary to prevent the spread.

DuPont Nutrition & Health SUPRO and TRUPRO plant protein nuggets

07 March, 2019 | Supplied by: DuPont (Aust) Limited

DuPont Nutrition & Health’s six plant protein nuggets from its SUPRO and TRUPRO product range feature more protein or less sodium than previous offerings, in a broader array of formats and textures.

How to beet artificial food colouring

06 March, 2019

Cornell food scientists have found beet extract paired with a starchy partner can create a stable, natural red food colouring to replace artificial dyes.

Breeding strawberries with specific traits

04 March, 2019

Breeders may be able to grow strawberries with specific traits after scientists have uncovered the genetic roadmap of the cultivated strawberry.

Winter wheats could boost national crop by 20%

26 February, 2019

Early sowing of winter wheats could increase Australian wheat crop yields, which could add around $1.8 billion to the national economy.

Hot stuff: embracing the diversity of capsicums

26 February, 2019

From vegetable to hot spice, a comprehensive review of the Capsicum species has been published with academic and scientific input from across the globe.

Did the Queensland fruit fly found in NZ have any friends?

19 February, 2019

The Queensland fruit fly could devastate NZ's $4 billion/year horticultural industry — and they've just caught one in Auckland.

Can genetic modification save the US citrus industry?

15 February, 2019

US citrus is being devastated by disease — will consumers be willing to accept GM citrus and so save the industry?

FSANZ seeking submissions on bakery processing aid

15 February, 2019

DuPont Industrial Biosciences is seeking approval for the use of the enzyme Lipase 3 in baking and brewing processes.

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