How to beet artificial food colouring

06 March, 2019

Cornell food scientists have found beet extract paired with a starchy partner can create a stable, natural red food colouring to replace artificial dyes.

Breeding strawberries with specific traits

04 March, 2019

Breeders may be able to grow strawberries with specific traits after scientists have uncovered the genetic roadmap of the cultivated strawberry.

Hot stuff: embracing the diversity of capsicums

26 February, 2019

From vegetable to hot spice, a comprehensive review of the Capsicum species has been published with academic and scientific input from across the globe.

Winter wheats could boost national crop by 20%

26 February, 2019

Early sowing of winter wheats could increase Australian wheat crop yields, which could add around $1.8 billion to the national economy.

Did the Queensland fruit fly found in NZ have any friends?

19 February, 2019

The Queensland fruit fly could devastate NZ's $4 billion/year horticultural industry — and they've just caught one in Auckland.

Can genetic modification save the US citrus industry?

15 February, 2019

US citrus is being devastated by disease — will consumers be willing to accept GM citrus and so save the industry?

FSANZ seeking submissions on bakery processing aid

15 February, 2019

DuPont Industrial Biosciences is seeking approval for the use of the enzyme Lipase 3 in baking and brewing processes.

Does folic acid fortification go far enough?

12 February, 2019

Organic wheat, rye, rice and corn flours do not have to be fortified with folic acid. Is this increasing the risks of birth defects in some babies?

Multi-syllable ingredients and chemophobia

04 February, 2019

In consumers' minds the terms 'clean label' and 'natural' mean 'safe', but this simply isn't correct.

Engineered rice plants increase yield 27%

15 January, 2019

A new bioengineering approach for boosting photosynthesis in rice plants could increase grain yield by up to 27%, according to a study.

Canary Butter Sheets

01 January, 2019 | Supplied by: Maxum Foods Pty Ltd

Maxum Foods provides Canary Butter Sheets which are made from New Zealand creamery butter.

Sensient Technologies DairyBoost Plus

21 December, 2018 | Supplied by: Sensient Technologies

The DairyBoost range of natural extract flavouring systems delivers the rich mouthfeel and authentic characteristics associated with full-fat dairy products.

Sensient Opalis range of natural extracts and concentrates

21 December, 2018 | Supplied by: Sensient Technologies

Opalis is Sensient's range of natural extracts and concentrates derived from edible vegetables, fruits and plants that deliver colour to enhance the user's products.

Avoid lead in your spices

11 December, 2018

Spices purchased abroad may contain high levels of lead and pose a risk for lead exposure, according to an American study.

Acrylamide-reducing yeast technology being commercialised

10 December, 2018

A non-GMO, clean-label, acrylamide-reducing yeast enzyme that is claimed to reduce acrylamide by 90% is becoming available.

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