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New technology to produce higher yielding crops

01 August, 2011

The ANU and Bayer Crop Science sign a research agreement to develop new technology to produce higher yielding food crops.

Baker Perkins TruClean wirecut machine

30 June, 2011 by

The Baker Perkins TruClean wirecut machine can now produce a variety of bars, in addition to soft dough biscuits. This broadening of capability means that soft-filled bars, and unfilled cereal and energy bars, can all be produced with high levels of flexibility and weight accuracy.

Peristaltic pump perfects pasty patina

30 June, 2011

Having suffered repeated failures using conventional impeller pumps for the transfer of liquid egg in glazing processes operated at Cornish food manufacturer Rowe’s the bakers, the company turned to peristaltic pump technology from Watson-Marlow Pumps Group.

Bakers Delight’s ovens go green

29 June, 2011 by

Bakers Delight’s move towards sustainability began five years ago, and the first initiative was to develop ‘green’ ovens that were more fuel efficient than their predecessors, based on the historical oven from the 1950s.

Baker Perkins SBX Extruders and post-extrusion forming equipment

02 May, 2011 by

Baker Perkins’ range of SBX Extruders and post-extrusion forming equipment includes the SBX Master twin-screw extruder, a machine providing process flexibility through a modular barrel design and a high torque motor and gearbox combination.

Hinds-Bock industrial cake depositors

18 February, 2011 by

Hinds-Bock Industrial high-speed, multi-piston, cantilevered depositors are designed to work oven conveyors in production bakeries. These industrial depositors are available in many configurations, including vertical designs to take up a limited amount of space on the line.

Baker Perkins SBX Master twin-screw extruder options

07 January, 2011 by

Baker Perkins has extended its snack extrusion end-product capability with new die technology and the adaptation of equipment from the biscuit industry.

Baker Perkins SBX Master twin-screw cooker extruder

04 November, 2010 by

Baker Perkins has added a high-value product to its extrusion capability for the savoury snack industry. Snack croutons, in a range of sizes and shapes and with a wide selection of flavours, can now be made on a conventional extrusion line.

GS Italia MaxiForm Baby product forming machine

04 November, 2010

GS Italia has upgraded its MaxiForm Baby product forming machine.

Pizza oven for peak demand

06 September, 2010 by

The Adelaide Hills pizza restaurant has solved the problem of peak-hour demand with a triple-stack XLT oven from JL Lennard. The company had the common problem of coping with the massive peak demands that can swamp a casual dining and takeaway establishments.

Baker Perkins PerfectPan table and Multitex4 dough moulder

31 August, 2010 by

Baker Perkins Multitex4 dough moulder is claimed to deliver an immediate, visible improvement in loaf quality in high-output plant bakeries.

Packing breakfast cereals

04 August, 2010

Kentaur manufactures breakfast cereals, both for its own brand and for major retailers such as Migros and Coop, Switzerland’s first- and second-largest retailers. To plan and install a complete new packing system for a wide variety of popped wheat cereals and corn flakes, Kentaur chose Ishida’s representative in Switzerland, Itech of Rotkreuz.

Baker Perkins Accurist2 with dough divider

05 July, 2010

The Baker Perkins Accurist2 has been upgraded with a dough divider for high-output plant bakeries to achieve higher output, reduced oil usage, longer component life, extended running time and easy maintenance and cleaning.

The global bakery and cereals market

02 December, 2009

A report providing a detailed examination of the bakery and cereals market by region, category and maturity provides insights into the factors shaping the market now and in the future.

Biscuit output improvements

29 October, 2009 by

Baker Perkins claims that the output of existing biscuit lines can be boosted by between 15 and 25% by installing their Angled World Wirecut. Productivity is increased by laying down the biscuits at an angle to create ‘nested’ patterns that improve utilisation of the baking surface: the increase in yield depends on cookie size.

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