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Uncle Tobys ups Foodbank donation

12 September, 2013

Uncle Tobys has increased its monthly donation to hunger relief charity Foodbank Australia. The company has pledged to supply an extra 9600 packets of Vita Brits each month - an annual contribution of 3,456,000 serves of cereal.

Using NIRS to determine shelf life

01 July, 2013

As part of a feasibility study, Barilla tested NIRS from BUCHI as a screening technology to quickly measure total moisture, water activity and ethanol content to determine shelf stability in bakery products.

Mettler-Toledo Advanced Batch Control white paper

03 June, 2013

Mettler-Toledo’s white paper provides an overview of the benefits of dedicated batch control and the process requirements that need to be considered in selecting and implementing a controller.

Spray Dynamics two-stage coating system

27 May, 2013

The Spray Dynamics two-stage coating system provides consistent, uniform application of liquid and dry coatings on extruded, baked, frozen and fried products in one coating system.

Nutrilac clean-label Natural Improvers

23 May, 2013

The Nutrilac Natural Improvers range is made from natural and functional proteins derived exclusively from milk and can be listed on-pack simply as ‘milk protein’.

Perten Instruments micro-doughLAB dough mixer and analysis system

21 May, 2013

The micro-doughLAB from Perten Instruments is a small-scale (4 g) dough mixer and analysis system used to determine the quality and processing characteristics of flour and dough.

Efficient handling of bakery sandwich creams with low trans fatty acids

20 February, 2013

Bakery filling creams for sandwich biscuits (also known as sandwich creams) pose numerous process challenges including dispersion of the high sugar content (50-70% fine sugar), the time to mechanical stability and the high pressure and torque required to handle the product. Additionally, health concerns, consumer demands and legislation have led to the reduction or removal of trans fatty acids and, indeed, reduction in the percentage of saturated fatty acids from these products. This has left many producers with the challenge of handling a recipe that has a slower crystallisation speed which results in a change in the vital consistency of the product.

Aston Foods Continua vacuum-cooling process for baked goods

19 December, 2012

Aston Foods has developed the Continua vacuum-cooling process for baked goods. The fully automatic system for the continuous process combines the benefits of vacuum cooling with industry-specific features.

Organic/gluten-free baby cereal - pity about the arsenic and mercury

26 November, 2012

If you are buying organic or gluten-free cereals for your baby, are you aware that high mercury and arsenic levels may come along with these market-grabbing claims?

One grain at a time: grain growers give back with Foodbank

14 November, 2012

This harvest, grain farmers have the opportunity to donate a portion of their crop to Foodbank Australia, the country’s largest food relief organisation.

Women in industry: an interview with Carolyn Creswell

31 October, 2012 by Alice Richard

WNIFT&M spoke with Carolyn Creswell, founder of Carman’s Fine Foods and the Telstra Victorian Business Woman of the Year, about gender in industry, ethical business and exporting.

Goodman Fielder posts $147m loss for 2011-12

15 August, 2012

Goodman Fielder Limited has posted an NPAT loss of $146.9 million for the 2011-12 financial year, slightly less than the 2010-11 NPAT loss of $166.7 million.

Goodman Fielder to close facilities, cut jobs and reduce product range

26 June, 2012

As part of its plans to improve manufacturing efficiency, Goodman Fielder will close three of its bakery facilities, cut 115 jobs and reduce its product range.

Baker Perkins Accurist2.1 dough divider range

26 June, 2012

Baker Perkins has launched an upgraded and extended range of Accurist dough dividers. Now known as the Accurist2.1, the range is a development of the Accurist2.

Vacuum cooling is taking bakeries by storm

07 October, 2011 by Dr Guido Böhler

Sometimes when traditional methods of production are replaced by more efficient or more hygienic technology the foods produced lose some of their attractive sensory quality. However, there are examples where modern technology improves products, as is the case with vacuum applications. Drying and deep-frying under vacuum are well-known and successful methods and cooling bakery products using vacuum (vacuum baking) has been experiencing a comeback in recent years.

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