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Food pairing and shared flavour compounds

20 December, 2011

In a search to uncover the patterns and principles people use in choosing ingredient combinations beyond individual taste and recipes, a team looked at the key ingredients of 56,498 online recipes and then analysed those ingredients for shared flavour compounds. The results showed differences between Eastern and Western dietary preferences.

Peruvian cacao collection trip yields treasures

04 October, 2011

Chocolates are always in demand - from Valentine’s Day and beyond. In the chocolate world, the fastest growing segment of the industry is fine-flavour, high-end chocolates. Until now, the source of these specialised confections has been largely limited to small regions of Venezuela and Ecuador.

Fonterra and First Milk to boost premium whey protein ingredients in Europe

08 September, 2011

A strategic joint venture between Fonterra and UK-based First Milk aims to produce European sourced premium whey proteins to meet the nutrition ingredient demands of European customers and add value to the whey side stream of the cheese making process.

Nutritional bioactives for baby food to be developed by CSIRO and Clover

19 August, 2011

CSIRO and Clover Corporation are working together to investigate how nutritional bioactives can be combined in baby formulas with the natural essential Omega 3 fatty acid DHA, to improve the ability of infants to absorb bioactive ingredients that can boost their immune systems.

Spanish researchers discover a novel and potent antioxidant

01 August, 2011

A team of researchers from the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology have identified a novel and potent natural antioxidant occurring in tomato plants.

Sugar waste may help fight obesity

18 July, 2011

It sounds counterintuitive: add sugar cane extract to a fatty diet and achieve weight loss? But that could be the way of the future if clinical trials pan out.

Salmonella infections increasing in the US

04 July, 2011

Food safety annual report card targets hard-to-prevent infection.

Survey shows no health implications from antimicrobial resistance

22 June, 2011

A survey has shown no human health implications from antimicrobial resistance.

Norway harvests genomic expertise

14 June, 2011

Norway is cooperating with Canada and Chile to sequence the salmon genome. The knowledge generated could provide the answers to several problematic issues involving Norwegian farmed salmon - and lead to major competitive advantages for companies taking part in the project.

Sugar replacement ingredients by Tate & Lyle get EFSA approval

15 April, 2011

Tate & Lyle’s sugar replacement ingredients have received positive feedback from the European Food Safety Authority, as they can reduce post-prandial blood glucose responses.

Household bleach best way to combat ricin on food preparation surfaces

14 April, 2011

A new study has found that ordinary household bleach is the most practical way to decontaminate food preparation surfaces that have been tainted with ricin.

Food and Health Dialogue oversees a reduction of salt in simmer sauces and processed meats

12 April, 2011

As part of the Food and Health Dialogue, salt in Australian-manufactured simmer sauces, and salt and saturated fat in processed meats, is being reduced by up to 95% in some cases.

More aroma, less salt

24 March, 2011 by

‘More aroma, less salt’ - this straightforward formula is the result of a French study in which European Sensory Network researchers examined a simple new method by which the salt levels in food products could be reduced without it negatively effecting the consumer’s taste perception.

Submissions welcome on proposed changes to Food Standards Code

18 February, 2011

Food Standards Australia New Zealand is inviting submissions on proposed changes to the Food Standards Code.

An alternative to soy in the dairy-free segment

15 February, 2011

Rice, oats and, more recently, almonds are providing alternatives to soy in the dairy-free food market sector. In particular, almonds featured in a rising number of new product launches during 2010.

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