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Gut-friendly bread developed using 'bush tucker' ingredients

11 July, 2019

Researchers have developed a uniquely Australian bread roll made from wattle seed and Kakadu plum rather than artificial additives.

Australian wheat has great noodle appeal

03 July, 2019

AEGIC has identified a potential threat to the Australian wheat export industry and is taking action to bolster against the threat.

New therapy could reverse food allergies: study

25 June, 2019

An oral therapy containing six species of bacteria may be able to prevent or cure food allergies in children, according to a study.

Ear, ear, corn science advances

12 June, 2019

A gene essential for forming the ears in corn, which could be crucial for advancing the efforts to increase crop yields, has been identified by a team of scientists.

Cranberries, more than just juice

03 June, 2019

Given the belief that drinking cranberry juice could be helpful against urinary tract infections, scientists explore how it could also help in the fight against bacteria.

Alternative protein sources could help boost food security

29 May, 2019

Alternative protein sources could replace soy and animal products as major protein sources as Finland and the EU work to achieve food self-sufficiency.  

Why do some red wines taste 'drier' than others?

23 May, 2019

Researchers are gaining a better understanding of tannin characteristics, which could help winemakers manage dryness perception in their red wines.

Taste is all in the mind

03 May, 2019

Whether people prefer bitter or sweet beverages, such as coffee or cola, depends more on how they make them feel than their taste, research suggests.

Caffeine buzz is possible without drinking coffee

23 April, 2019

Smelling coffee could trigger similar reactions in the brain as physically drinking a cup, according to new research.

Severe Salmonella outbreaks predicted in Australia, researchers say

23 April, 2019

Salmonella outbreaks are likely to become more severe in the future, according to a model developed by University of Sydney researchers.

Sizing up cucumbers

16 April, 2019

Gene researchers have discovered the reason for fruit length variation in cucumbers, which could provide benefits for crop breeders of the future.

Health benefits of tomatoes linked to colour

25 March, 2019

High levels of specific antioxidants are linked to particular tomato colours, meaning each tomato has its own health benefits, researchers have found.

Link between food allergies and multiple sclerosis

22 February, 2019

Evidence has been found connecting food allergies (but not other allergies) and relapses of multiple sclerosis.

Ever heard of the food allergy FPIES?

06 February, 2019

Most of us, including medical professionals, have never heard of FPIES and so this poorly understood food allergy is often misdiagnosed.

Drug-manufacturing chickens

30 January, 2019

Tired of egg farming? Now you could put chicken expertise to a new use — drug manufacturing.

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