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Breeding more resilient cereals

16 August, 2016

University of Adelaide researchers are developing new high-yielding, stress-tolerant cereal varieties, by improving plant breeding strategies.

New chilli pathogens raise quarantine questions

10 August, 2016

The discovery of four new pathogens in Australian chillies has raised questions about how to improve quarantine and disease resistance efforts.

Superfoods and self-optimisation

30 May, 2016

Nowadays, beverages have to deliver health benefits, make us more efficient at work or better at sport, or offer some kind of feel-good factor. Not only that, they should also be sustainably produced and exotic, and still taste as good as home-made.

Australian researchers head $5m plan to revive PNG's cocoa industry

10 May, 2016

Melbourne's La Trobe University will lead a five-year, $5 million effort to help Papua New Guinea's ailing cocoa industry.

Soy could be a natural antimicrobial: study

05 May, 2016

Soy isoflavones and peptides may inhibit the growth of microbial pathogens that cause foodborne illnesses, according to research from Canada.

The art of Chinese cuisine in the heart of Western Sydney

04 May, 2016 by Lauren Davis

Award-winning restaurant chain Chefs Gallery has opened up its fifth outlet, bringing its signature combination of modern Chinese cuisine and contemporary Chinese art to the heart of Sydney's west.

Beechworth fights back against fake honey

18 March, 2016

The founder of Beechworth Honey, Jodie Goldsworthy, has been appointed as president of the Oceania Region of Apimondia, the Global Federation of Beekeepers' Associations, and will help the association fight against honey adulteration.

Growing food for Martians

10 March, 2016

Food sourcing and processing is not limited to Earth — if humans want to be able to settle in extraterrestrial environments they will need to be able to feed themselves, and research is already underway to make sure they can.

Monk fruit juice sweetens 'healthy' chocolate

07 December, 2015

Australian health food company Healthy Warrior has created a range of 'healthy chocolate, sweetened with the juice of the monk fruit.

Superfood helps fight superbugs

02 December, 2015

Australian start-up Kayban has collaborated with CSIRO to develop an antimicrobial healthcare range made from organic flaxseed oil.

Why some get severe allergic reactions and others do not

06 October, 2015

A newly discovered cell type that appears to drive life-threatening food allergies may help explain why some people get severe allergic reactions and others do not.

Slower melting ice-cream

03 September, 2015

A naturally occurring protein that can be used to create ice-cream that is more resistant to melting has been discovered. The protein binds together the air, fat and water in ice-cream, creating a super-smooth consistency.

How does Listeria grow on refrigerated smoked salmon?

11 August, 2015

One of the challenges associated with managing the pathogen Listeria monocytogenes is its ability to grow on food while it is refrigerated.

43 different names for sugar!

11 August, 2015

CHOICE is calling for changes to food labelling laws to assist consumers to identify added sugars in foods.

The physics of salad dressing

20 July, 2015

Random molecular collisions are not responsible for phase separation in liquids like salad dressings.

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