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Optical sorter handles berries with care

04 May, 2015

UK soft fruit grower S&A Produce selected the TOMRA Primus-D optical belt sorter to conduct quality monitoring of blueberries prior to packaging.

Natural antimicrobials reduce contamination levels on fresh produce

30 April, 2015

Nearly half of all foodborne illnesses are allegedly caused by contaminated fresh produce so any system that can prevent or control bacterial contamination on fresh produce will help improve food safety.

Federal government issues statement on berry imports

26 February, 2015

The federal government has moved to allay community concerns in the wake of the possible link between imported frozen berries and an outbreak of Hepatitis A.

Hidrostal pump lowers carrot cleaning costs

25 February, 2015

Hidrostal has provided fresh vegetable grower and supplier Produce World with a more energy-efficient solution for the cleaning of carrots in the vegetable processing operation.

Tenrit baton/stick cutter for vegetables

11 February, 2015

The Tenrit baton/stick cutter is a double-chamber, pneumatic-operated, benchtop model designed to suit large kitchens and small to medium food processors.

China turns to potatoes as staple food

08 January, 2015

After relying on rice and wheat for millennia, China could soon turn to a new staple: potatoes. The country's Ministry of Agriculture announced that by 2020, 50% of the country's production of potatoes will be consumed as a staple food.

Fruit and vegetable processor steams ahead

09 December, 2014

Oerlemans Foods has chosen TOMRA's steam peeling line for its processing plant in the Netherlands.

TOMRA Modus optical size grader for washed potatoes

28 November, 2014

TOMRA's Modus is an optical size grader for washed potatoes which can sort washed potatoes by width and length, or a combination of both.

Key Technology high-capacity sorting system for spinach

24 November, 2014

Key Technology has developed a sorting system for fresh spinach and other leafy greens such as cut cabbage, cos and iceberg lettuce.

TOMRA Halo sorter upgraded user interface

20 November, 2014

TOMRA Sorting Solutions has upgraded the user interface design for the company's Halo optical sorter.

Key Technology CIT Hyperspectral Imaging Module for ADR 5 for potato strips

20 November, 2014

Key Technology has introduced CIT hyperspectral imaging on its ADR 5 automatic defect removal system to detect 'sugar ends' in potato strips.

FOODesign batch-pro 12 series cookers and fryers for vegetable chips

20 October, 2014

FOODesign has launched its automated, hot oil batch-pro 12 series of cookers and fryers. The system is suitable for cooking root and other vegetable products, such as potato, carrot, taro, beetroot and parsnip chips.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions ZEA sensor-based corn sorter with second camera module

16 October, 2014

TOMRA Sorting Solutions has expanded its ZEA sorter range developed for the seed and fresh corn industry. A second camera module has been added, enabling the inspection of both sides of the corn ear.

Wyma Vege-Polisher

09 October, 2014

The Wyma Vege-Polisher, available to growers throughout Australasia, is smarter, safer and more hygienic and maintenance friendly than the previous model.

Vegetable production begins in Toshiba Clean Room Farm

30 September, 2014

Vegetable production has begun at the Toshiba Clean Room Farm Yokosuka, with the first crop shipment scheduled for late October. The company aims to produce an annual output of three million bags of leaf lettuce, baby leaf greens, spinach, mizuna and herbs.

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