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A coating of silk keeps fruit fresh

12 May, 2016

Researchers have demonstrated that fruits can stay fresh for more than a week without refrigeration if they are coated in an odourless, biocompatible silk solution so thin as to be virtually invisible.

Innovation on the agenda at horticulture seminar

02 May, 2016

Leading innovation experts will be making their way to the Gold Coast in June for the 2016 Global Innovations in Horticulture Seminar, charged with the task to inform Australia's vegetable growers of the benefits that new and improved agricultural technology can have on their farms.

Tomato farm powered by sunlight and seawater

05 April, 2016

A refrigeration company is using the skills and knowledge gained from chilling wine to help grow tomatoes on the edge of the Australian outback.

Australia's vegetable industry shrinking under pressure from cheap imports

04 April, 2016

Statistics showing a 5% decline in Australia's vegetable industry have prompted a warning from industry body AUSVEG over the impact of foreign vegetable imports.

Australian vegies could be feeling cosier this winter

23 March, 2016

Australian vegetable growers could be wrapping up their precious produce this winter, with research showing commercial frost cloths, known as 'fleece', are an effective weapon against frost and low temperatures.

Five tonnes of pears stolen from Victorian farm

23 March, 2016

Five tonnes of pears have been stolen from a farm in Portland, Victoria.

Heat and Control Unitized Vacuum Fryer for the snack industry

21 March, 2016

Heat and Control's vacuum fryer technology, Unitized Vacuum Fryer (UVF), enables snack manufacturers to expand their processing capabilities.

Antipasto manufacturer Pronto e Fresco in voluntary administration

07 March, 2016

Melbourne-based antipasto manufacturer Pronto e Fresco has entered voluntary administration.

They're not berry happy in New Zealand

10 December, 2015

New Zealand authorities have issued a recall of a frozen berry product, due to a suspected Hepatitis A link.

Key Technology Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems

26 November, 2015

Key Technology has enhanced its Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems.

Tomatoes will be tastier after a nice warm bath

21 September, 2015

It seems that tomatoes, like people, can benefit greatly from a nice warm bath.

Titanium dioxide-powered disinfection could make commercially washed greens safer

28 August, 2015

Cross-contamination in commercial processing facilities that prepare spinach and other leafy greens for the market can make people sick. But researchers are reporting a new, easy-to-implement method that could eliminate or reduce such incidences.

Spraying Systems AutoJet Model 2008+ Spray Control System

11 August, 2015

Spraying Systems has developed an automated system that adds moisture to the fruit prior to the application of produce stickers, allowing for stronger adhesion.

Tracing contaminated produce has not been easy — until now

07 August, 2015

Edible, invisible barcode equivalents are on the verge of revolutionalising traceability in the fresh produce and processed foods industries.

Kronen GDM 35 Grape Destemmer

29 July, 2015

The GDM 35 Grape Destemmer is suitable for the automatic destemming of grapes, loosening the grapes without damaging them.

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