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Grow fresh fruit and veg inside your home

13 November, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

Students from the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have developed a form of vertical farming that aims to help people in impoverished areas who have limited access to fresh produce.

Kronen Mango Peeler and De-Cheeker

31 October, 2017

The Mango Peeler and De-Cheeker by Kronen is a machine that peels large quantities of mangoes and removes the 'cheeks' in a single operation.

Pulsed electric field system in food processing

25 October, 2017

Diversified Technologies has introduced a pulsed electric field (PEF) system which can process tonnes-per-hour of whole fruits and vegetables for downstream processing.

Reducing Salmonella contamination in mangoes

25 September, 2017

Fresh produce almost needs to come with a food safety warning.

MycoTechnology plans to use US$35 million funding for mushroom protein plant

19 September, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

MycoTechnology, an Aurora company that uses mushrooms to improve the taste of food and drinks, closed a US$35 million Series B round of financing with food investors worldwide.

More efficient conversion of potato waste to ethanol

24 August, 2017

Penn State researchers have developed a novel approach to more efficiently convert potato waste into ethanol — a process that may lead to reduced production costs for biofuel in the future and add extra value for potato chip manufacturers.

PIGO stone fruit pitting machines

02 August, 2017

PIGO manufactures and supplies pitting/destoning machines for most types of stone fruits.

Tomato transparency: from vine to dine

02 August, 2017

Full supply chain visibility enables Kagome to be able to ascertain tell the whole history of any packet of its tomato products — down to where and when the tomatoes were harvested.

Packing carrots

02 August, 2017

An Ishida multihead weigher at premium Irish vegetable grower Leo Dunne has played a central role in helping the company expand its operation into the supply of processed carrots.

Euro Pumps TM 3600 mushroom-picking lorry

24 July, 2017

Currently under development at Euro Pumps is the TM 3600 mushroom-picking lorry, which includes a recharge battery pack and auto-creep advance for hands-free operation.

Reconfiguring deformed mushrooms

20 July, 2017

Mushroom waste and deformed mushrooms are being converted into a highly nutritious and tasty product.

Cost-effective produce sanitation for packing houses and wholesalers

11 July, 2017

Wouldn't it be nice if you could reduce the risks of microbial spoilage of fresh produce or spreading foodborne illness by simply packing a couple of chlorine dioxide pouches in each carton of fresh produce? This idea is very nearly reality.

Snacks and supplements from ugly vegetables

06 July, 2017

Up to 40% of produce can be wasted on the farm because it doesn't meet consumers' and retailers' demands for its looks. What if the nutrients in this resource could be turned into snacks and supplements?

What you can do with 50,000 tonnes of mushroom waste each week

04 July, 2017

In Europe, the Funguschain project seeks to obtain mushroom-based, high-value antimicrobial and antioxidant components from the 50,000–60,000 tonnes of mushroom waste generated each week. It is hoped that the innovative and sustainable compounds will have applications in a wide range of products such as antimicrobial and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for household products, bioplastics for bags, film and gloves, or enriched food supplements for the elderly and sportsmen.

Tecpro Humi Food System

12 June, 2017

The Tecpro Humi Food System is a flexible, cost-effective solution for a range of retailers. It is designed to optimise shelf life for selling fresh foods and produce.

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