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The Glove Company HACCP-certified vinyl powdered gloves

17 August, 2016

The Glove Company (TGC) has launched Vinyl Premium Powdered gloves that are HACCP Food Safety certified and suitable for use with food preparation, food service and processing.

Euro Pumps Cutting Board Washing System

12 August, 2016

Euro Pumps has adapted the technology in its Tub and Crate Washer to use in the cleaning of large-format and heavy cutting boards.

Printing the meal not the menu

10 August, 2016 by Holly Evarts

The latest kitchen appliance under development is a 3D printer that can print and then cook the food.

Euro Pumps tackles baked-on oven tar

09 August, 2016

Euro Pumps was asked by Commercial Wire Designs to see how well the company could clean baked-on tar from refurbished bakery racks.

Frying fish — not as simple as you think

20 July, 2016

Selection of the fish species, cooking oil and cooking technique all play a part in frying fish.

EasyOven heat-retention oven

06 July, 2016

The EasyOven is a heat-retention oven which retains heat to slow cook food with less energy.

Kronen PGW pneumatical grid cutter

06 July, 2016

The Kronen PGW pneumatical grid cutter makes pineapple preparation easier. After topping and tailing, the pineapple can be peeled and cored in one motion.

Don't eat before you go

05 July, 2016

Fine Food Australia is a trade show for the foodservice, hospitality and retail sectors and is suited to high-volume caterers and ready meal manufacturers.

Why hygienic design matters when choosing cleaning tools

04 July, 2016

When it comes to the equipment used to clean the food production environment and production equipment, very few cleaning tools are developed with good hygienic design in mind.

AMSL FLASH protein swab

29 June, 2016

FLASH is a total protein visual swab that rapidly detects protein residues left on food contact surfaces after cleaning.

Preparation Board

27 June, 2016

The lightweight Preparation Board has the ability to store waste or chopped items through a chute positioned at the front of the board.

Vending machines to deliver customised snacks

22 June, 2016

The quest is on to develop vending machines that can 3D print food and beverages to consumer design and demand.

Ramping up production

15 June, 2016

Continuous cooking and chilling systems are being used by ready meal processors to increase production volumes and efficiencies.

Waldorf Production Bratt Pans

31 May, 2016

The Waldorf range of Production Bratt Pans is suitable for use in commercial kitchens and food production facilities for the production of sauces, casseroles, curries and searing steaks.

Fire risks in commercial kitchens

17 May, 2016 by Janette Woodhouse

Oil and grease residues in exhaust systems and ducting pose huge fire risks to commercial kitchen operators.

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