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The ultimate kitchen on the go

11 October, 2017

Need a toaster in the centre console in your SUV? What about a rotisserie driven by the power take-off? No? A slow cooker that sits beside the engine? Pasta maker, gas hob, deployable dining table and worktop? OK, how about a herb garden and spice rack in the rear windows?

Victorian Premier's Sustainability Awards 2017 finalists

26 September, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

The finalists for this year's Premier’s Sustainability Awards have been announced, and two companies recognised as leading the way to a sustainable future in the food industry are eWater Systems and the Grand Hyatt Melbourne.

Livi Commercial Wipes

25 September, 2017

Hygiene is critical for restaurants, cafes, hotels and food manufacturers, and Livi's HACCP certified commercial wipes make it easier to keep surfaces clean.

Waste away: weighing technology reduces food waste

25 September, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

Winnow, a London-based company, has developed a 'smart-scale' technology to help companies measure, monitor and reduce their food waste. Users identify the food they are disposing of using a touch screen tablet and the scale records the weight of the food and calculates the environmental and monetary costs.

Thermometer theme for Australian Food Safety Week 2017

25 September, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

Held 11–18 November, the Australian Food Safety Week 2017 has announced that the theme will be 'Is it done yet? Use a thermometer for great food, cooked safely every time'.

Rentokil Lumnia electronic LED fly killer

21 September, 2017

Replacing traditional blue-light fluorescent systems, Rentokil's Lumnia electronic LED fly killer improves catch rates compared with traditional tube lights.

Panasonic develops prototype for a robotic fridge

12 September, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

Panasonic's concept for a movable fridge responds to voice commands and delivers food and drinks to a specified location.

New technology at Birch & Waite's $13.5 million factory

05 September, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

Birch & Waite has launched its $13.5 million factory featuring a commercial-sized shaking retort, which is expected to drive growth for the business.

Behind the seams of hospital kitchen floors

15 August, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

Hygiene is a top priority when it comes to kitchen flooring, especially in a hospital environment. Many hospitals are turning to antimicrobial polyurethane kitchen floors, such as Flowcrete's Flowfresh seamless flooring.

What gets dirtier the more you clean it? A sponge

02 August, 2017

Professor Markus Egert of Furtwangen University looked at 14 used sponges under the microscope and found 362 different types of bacteria.

Ready meals fresh from the washing machine

25 July, 2017

Sous-vide meets the washing machine in a different way of preparing dinner.

Suhner Australia metal-maintenance tools and cleansing agents

10 July, 2017

Suhner Australia has released a range of maintenance tools and cleansing agents designed specifically for metals. The range includes four portable metal-maintenance tools as well as the Suhner INOX cleansing agents.

Foodcare AUK Identi-Panel 5S shadowboard station

30 June, 2017

The AUK Identi-Panel 5S shadowboard station is designed to handle any food processing situation.

Rodburn Amarock metal detectable disposable products

01 June, 2017

Rodburn is a supplier of metal detectable disposable products.

Ready-to-use therapeutic food for Indian children

31 May, 2017

Ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) is a high-calorie, nutrient-dense paste that is the most widely used outpatient treatment for severe acute malnutrition. RUTF has seen success in many African countries but it has failed to get the same foothold in India due to issues with palatability, reliability of water supply and cost.

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