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Vitamix XL Blender

11 May, 2016

The Vitamix XL Blender allows the efficient handling of large-volume production of pureed or blended food by nursing homes, hospitals, retirement villages, daycare centres, schools and caterers.

Bakon Top Cream bakery machine for cream production

04 May, 2016

Bakon's Top Cream produces cream, mousse and bavarois products.

JOM Hot Fill Dos 2 pumping station

29 April, 2016

The JOM Hot Fill Dos 2 pumping station provides quick and precise dispensing of liquid and solid food products up to 30 mm in diameter.

Robochef to be launched in the UK

22 March, 2016

The future of food processing could be in the substantial hands of a five-tonne industrial robot that can heat, mix and combine food products.

Brevda biēm butter sprayer

14 March, 2016

The Brevda biēm butter sprayer converts butter from solid to liquid spray.

Sirane Dri-Fresh Fat-Trap grill and oven liners

14 March, 2016

Sirane's absorbent grill and oven liners keep grills and hot food display cabinets clean and attractive, and reduce cleaning time.

SBP Australia food processing construction

11 March, 2016

SBP Australia provides construction and maintenance services for food processors.

Jasol Sanicrunch floor sanitising powder

10 March, 2016

Sanicrunch is a granulised hard floor sanitiser from cleaning and hygiene company Jasol.

VGM International USA Pan bakeware

09 March, 2016

VGM International has available the USA Pan commercial bakeware range.

Stop finely chopping and mincing

09 March, 2016

Finely chopping and mincing ingredients can induce the production of PAMPs — bacterial molecules that may be contributing to increased risks of diseases such as coronary artery disease and Type 2 diabetes. Fresh food contains undetectable levels of PAMPs.

CBS Foodtech testing facility

23 February, 2016

At CBS Foodtech's equipment and ingredients testing facility, food manufacturers can take the first steps in the decision-making process risk-free.

Vikan UST brushware

23 February, 2016

Vikan's ULTRA SAFE TECHNOLOGY (UST) brushware products are secure, safe and hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry.

When in doubt throw it out

20 January, 2016

In spite of advances in modern technology and efforts to provide safe food, foodborne diseases remain a major public health concern. The reality is that there is always some risk of toxicity from eating any food.

Creating restaurant-quality fare on a high-volume basis

15 January, 2016

Savvy food manufacturers are recruiting seasoned, successful master chefs to their high-volume production kitchens to work as executive chefs and new product developers so they can ensure their products satisfy demands for restaurant- or even gourmet-quality ready meals.

B+S Commercial Kitchens VERRO range

13 January, 2016

B+S Commercial Kitchens' VERRO range integrates Asian and European lines to reflect Australia's cultural and culinary diversity.

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