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Risky food contact materials

27 February, 2018 by Nate Seltenrich*

Sometimes there's more to food than just, well, the food itself — materials that come into contact with food as it is being processed, packaged and transported have the potential to leach chemicals into the product.

Particle size analysis of chocolate powder

15 February, 2018

The Particle Size Analyser PSA 1190 from Anton Paar is able to perform measurements on sugar, milk powder and chocolate powder — including much bulkier agglomerated chocolate powder used in the preparation of instant hot chocolate.

CDR WineLab chemical analysis system

15 February, 2018

CDR WineLab enables onsite testing, with results available in just minutes, allowing faster decisions to be made during the vinification process.

Low-cost tool detects bacteria in food in two hours

31 January, 2018

A sensitive and reliable bacteria-detecting chip that can determine the bacterial load of foods, beverages or water in under two hours is being patented by University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers.

How to detect fake liquors

24 January, 2018

Scientists have engineered a portable, disposable sensor that can detect fake or altered liquors.

Olympus Magna-Mike 8600 portable thickness gauge

11 January, 2018

The Olympus Magna-Mike 8600 portable thickness gauge is suitable for quality control testing of plastic and glass packaging material from as little as 0.001 mm up to 25.4 mm but can be extended to other non-ferrous products such as aluminium, paper, wood and foam containers or detecting air bag tear seams.

PCR detection kit for Enterobacteriaceae

21 December, 2017

The iQ-Check Enterobacteriaceae PCR Detection Kit by Bio-Rad is intended for the detection of Enterobacteriaceae in infant formula and related raw ingredients as well as environmental samples.

Cooper-Atkins TravAlert Plus Data Logger Kit 23900

21 December, 2017

Cooper-Atkins' TravAlert Plus Data Logger Kit 23900 is a temperature recording device.

Rheolution CoaguSens and ElastoSens real-time analytics

13 December, 2017

Aimed at cheesemakers, Rheolution's CoaguSens and ElastoSens products offer real-time analytics of the milk coagulation process.

Zeulab Lab2Go allergen test kit

11 December, 2017

Zeulab's Lab2Go Allergen Test Kit is a useful and easy tool for verifying Good Manufacturing Practices and checking for allergens.

KROHNE OPTISENS TSSX000 TSS sensors and MAC 300 analytical transmitter

07 December, 2017

With the OPTISENS TSS 3000 and 7000 and MAC 300, KROHNE adds two total suspended solids (TSS) sensors and a transmitter to its analytical portfolio.

What offal is lurking in your mince?

29 November, 2017

Is your minced beef all beef, or does it contain offal as well? Now there is fast and accurate way to find out.

LR Cal LPP-700 portable calibration test pump

27 November, 2017

The LR Cal LPP-700 portable calibration test pump has been designed to be easy to use in the field.

Beamex LOGiCAL cloud-based calibration certificate generation software

22 November, 2017

Beamex has introduced a free-of-charge, cloud-based calibration certificate generation software called LOGiCAL.

Campylobacter uses Trojan horse infiltration technique

17 November, 2017

Campylobacter jejuni is following the Greeks' lead in how they overwhelmed Troy — employing a 'host' to transport 'soldiers' into the citadel.

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