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How to optimise food and beverage analysis

03 July, 2019

Here are four ways to help optimise food analysis and meet the requirements of the public health regulatory authorities.

​Australian food supply declared safe by ATDS study

03 July, 2019

The Australian Total Diet Study revealed the safety of the Australian food supply, after testing 88 foods for 226 agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

Detecting water contamination

01 July, 2019

Even with advances in farming, distribution, processing and storage practices, microbe related product recalls continue to occur, due to contamination throughout the food chain.

Symbio Laboratories purpose-built testing laboratories

12 June, 2019

Symbio Laboratories can perform efficient and advanced testing in its nationwide purpose-built laboratories.

EnSURE Touch hygiene monitoring system

12 June, 2019

The EnSURE Touch is a next-generation hygiene monitoring system that collects, analyses and reports data from multiple quality tests.

FlavourSpec sensitive analyser for food, flavour and beverage testing

07 June, 2019

The FlavourSpec comprises advantages of a gas chromatograph (GC) with regard to selectivity and sensitivity of an ion-mobility spectrometer (IMS) enabling the analysis of volatiles in the headspace of liquids and solid samples without any sample pre-treatment.

BUCHI ProxiMate NIR spectrometer

07 June, 2019

The BUCHI ProxiMate is a robust and cost-effective NIR Instrument designed especially for the food and feed industries.

ViscoQC 300 rotational viscosity

06 June, 2019

The ViscoQC 300 viscometer is designed to ensure the quality of a substance from almost any fluid to semi-solid samples.

TECTA B4 Automated Microbiology Detection System

01 June, 2019

TECTA B4 is a self-contained 'lab in a box' solution capable of providing laboratory-grade results onsite with good time-to-result performance.

NetterVibration VibroScanner vibration monitor

24 May, 2019

The NetterVibration VibroScanner is a portable, handheld vibration monitoring unit.

Electric tongue can improve taste testing of spicy foods

22 May, 2019

An electronic tongue, or e-tongue, can accurately differentiate between the spiciness of samples of the same food, which may be useful for food manufacturers.

No more use-by dates on milk?

09 May, 2019

Researchers have developed a sensor that can 'smell' if milk has gone bad before the product is opened, and changes colour.

Helping manufacturers keep ice-cream safe

02 May, 2019

Tentamus has developed a guideline for good hygiene practices for ice-cream manufacturers, after a recent FDA report highlighted a number of safety issues at ice-cream facilities.

Thermo Scientific TriPlus 500 Gas Chromatography Headspace Autosampler

24 April, 2019

The Thermo Scientific TriPlus 500 is suitable for food safety scientists performing volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis.

instaBAG filter bag with dehydrated media

01 April, 2019

instaBAG is a filter bag which includes a dehydrated pre-dosed media allowing users to skip time-consuming media preparation.

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