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Thermo Scientific TriPlus 500 Gas Chromatography Headspace Autosampler

24 April, 2019

The Thermo Scientific TriPlus 500 is suitable for food safety scientists performing volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis.

VIP Gold for Salmonella lateral flow device

01 April, 2019

VIP Gold for Salmonella is a lateral flow device that uses proprietary antibodies, with high specificity to antigens of Salmonella species.

Testing to ensure food safety

01 April, 2019

Safeguard your business, mitigate risk and protect consumers with multiple platforms for a broad range of testing needs from 3M Food Safety.

instaBAG filter bag with dehydrated media

01 April, 2019

instaBAG is a filter bag which includes a dehydrated pre-dosed media allowing users to skip time-consuming media preparation.

Technology that can see through food fraud

29 March, 2019

University of California engineers have developed a method to detect counterfeit or adulterated food and drugs just by looking at them.

The whey to food safety

27 March, 2019

Arla Foods Ingredients' long-term strategy, 'Safely delivering the wonders of whey', highlights the measures it takes to fulfil its duty of care to customers.

Bacharach MGS-400 gas detection series

22 March, 2019

The Bacharach MGS-400 Gas Detection Series is used for commercial and industrial refrigerant and gas leak detection.

Synbiosis Ames software for ProtoCOL 3 colony counter

15 March, 2019

Designed for integrated use with the ProtoCOL 3 colony counter, the Ames software module facilitates rapid production of consistent count and ratio data from Ames test plates and is suitable for use in regulated toxicology testing laboratories.

Baby food sealed for safety

13 March, 2019

Dr Ulrich Nehring explained how the use of PVC seals in jar closures poses a safety risk to baby food in glass packaging, and discusses safer alternatives.

Proseal ProTest seal quality testing system

11 March, 2019

Proseal's ProTest seal quality testing system enables food manufacturers and processors to determine the suitable seal and peel strength for individual products.

Eriez Magnetics Magnet Auditing Service

01 March, 2019

Eriez conducts magnet audits for food manufacturing companies across Australia, using procedures and documentation recommended by HACCP International.

Mecmesin range of force and torque measuring solutions

21 February, 2019

The Mecmesin range of force and torque measuring solutions provides optimum testing performance and evaluation options.

Camlin Photonics Hyperion hyperspectral imaging systems

11 February, 2019

Hyperion hyperspectral imaging systems from Camlin Photonics make repeatable hyperspectral measurements that are adaptable to a variety of processes and applications.

Bacharach MGS-400 Gas Detection Series

05 February, 2019

Bacharach has introduced the MGS-400 Gas Detection Series for commercial and industrial refrigerant and gas leak detection applications.

Computer program tells you where to look for pathogens

29 January, 2019 by Krishna Ramanujan

A computer program developed at Cornell University could help food safety professionals keep production facilities free of foodborne pathogens.

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