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USDA targets poultry industry in effort to reduce Salmonella risks

20 October, 2021

The agency is taking action to help prevent Salmonella contamination throughout the poultry supply chain and production system to protect public health.

Which country has the saltiest processed meat and fish products?

19 October, 2021

A five-country study (which included Australia) has examined the progress of sodium reduction in processed meat and fish products, as the 30% global reduction targets by 2025 loom.

ChillPro FRESH Liquid ICE fresh food preservation methods

18 October, 2021

The ChillPro Systems brand ChillPro FRESH is a next-generation Liquid ICE preservation technology that preserves, maintains and increases the quality of a fresh produce catch or harvest.

Improving efficiency in meat processing

06 October, 2021 by Chris Little, Director, HRS Heat Exchangers

The right selection of heat exchanger can save waste and money when processing high-value products such as sausage meat.

Let the process flow for chicken nuggets

24 September, 2021

A fully automated chicken nugget line at GEA's customer in Denmark operates in an energy-saving manner without compromising on product quality.

Natural nitrate replacement for cured meats discovered

23 September, 2021

Researchers have found that a chemical from a Japanese plant could take the place of the nitrite preservative in cured meats such as bacon and sausages.

Mainca PR-360 Twist Linker

23 September, 2021

The Mainca PR-360 attaches to a user's existing hydraulic filler and automatically portions and twists the filled casing to create linked sausages.

Balancing the scales with responsible aquaculture

12 August, 2021

Richard Flanagan's book Toxic brings up many important issues about salmon farming in Tasmania, but to say all farms are equal is just not true...

Detecting Salmonella spp. in poultry

03 August, 2021

This webinar discusses a Serotype-specific PCR method for detecting Salmonella spp. in poultry.

Vision boost for Thurne's compact bacon slicer

01 August, 2021

Thurne-Middleby Ltd has boosted the capabilities of the popular IBS1000 Bacon Slicer with a Vision System.

Submerging cages could be the answer for fish farming

30 July, 2021

The use of submerged cages may be the answer the aquaculture industry is looking for, a new Griffith University-led review has found.

Krill protein pilot plant being built in Norway

30 July, 2021

As the functional 'new' foods sector grows, GEA is set to design and develop a pilot plant for krill protein products for the food and beverage market.

3D printing model available for Aussie red meat processors

01 July, 2021

The AMPC, together with Markforged and Konica Minolta, is working to establish an industry-owned 3D printing model to help red meat processors print equipment parts.

Sea change for women: WISA program encourages future leaders

17 June, 2021

Women in Seafood Australasia (WISA) program is encouraging women from Australia and New Zealand to take part in its latest online leadership program.

BMA Group meat processor costings, an online site

11 June, 2021

BMA Group has created a dedicated resource specific to the meat and livestock industry on costing and profitability technology, solutions and the ImpactECS platform.

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