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a2 Milk Company chooses quality management system with room to grow

17 March, 2017

Following a period of significant growth, the a2 Milk Company realised it needed to modernise its quality management system with software that would not only help to improve on its quality processes, but also be able to grow.

Tetra Pak stretches its mozzarella capabilities with US acquisition

15 March, 2017

Tetra Pak has acquired Johnson Industries International, a manufacturer of equipment to produce mozzarella cheese.

Oil-free air and lower energy costs for dairy processor

16 February, 2017

A dairy in Germany has expanded its compressed air system by installing CompAir's Quantima compressor and is one of the first factories in Europe to benefit from the machine's innovative design features.

Tetra Pak Standardisation Unit

13 February, 2017

Tetra Pak has released an updated version of its Standardisation Unit with improved precision, to help dairy manufacturers produce their products with optimal fat content and achieve savings.

SPX Flow helps cheese producers stop wasting the whey

08 February, 2017

SPX Flow has developed technologies that enable cheese processors to turn whey into a revenue stream by upgrading their facilities to produce whey powder, whey protein isolate powder, non-caking whey powder, non-caking permeate powder and lactose powder.

Competition and fair trading in the dairy industry

24 January, 2017

A series of public forums is being held across the country so dairy farmers can share any concerns they may have about competition and fair trading directly with Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) commissioners.

What your choice of cheese says about you

16 December, 2016

More than three-quarters of Australians buy cheese in an average month. But what types do they favour, and what does this reveal about them?

Screening liquid milk for adulterants using the B&W Tek i-Raman Plus portable Raman spectrometer

09 December, 2016

The B&W Tek i-Raman Plus portable Raman spectrometer can be used for screening liquid milk for reagent-less screening of milk for adulterants at the point of collection.

Lighting, packaging and milk flavour

08 December, 2016

Milk flavour is adversely affected by fluorescent lighting in supermarket display cabinets.

NZ expertise shines in new beverage processing plant

02 December, 2016 by Shaun Sullivan

NZ designed, built and commissioned beverage processing plant wins fans.

How X-ray helps build better milk cartons

01 December, 2016 by Morten Andersen

While consumers take the technology of milk cartons for granted, a lot of high science is employed to ensure the cartons do their job.

Australian dairy industry under the ACCC microscope

15 November, 2016

Competition between milk processors, contracts between processors and farmers, global supply markets and the profitability of dairy farms will all be examined by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over the next 12 months under directions from the Australian Government.

SPX Flow infant formula processing equipment

02 November, 2016

SPX Flow has available a range of equipment for the delivery of complete infant formula processing plants, from reception through to drying.

Steam technology can reduce fat while preserving taste

31 October, 2016

A joint project by OAL and the University of Lincoln has found that cooking with steam infusion can reduce the fat in dairy-based sauces by up to 20%, while still enhancing the qualities consumers enjoy such as flavour and mouthfeel.

Cheese buyers still out there, if you know where to look

08 August, 2016

Cheese sales are gradually declining, but some consumers remain highly loyal, according to research from Roy Morgan.

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