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Corrugated-tube heat exchangers benefit Yorkshire dairy

09 January, 2020

Yorkshire dairy has improved production of its local delicacy, Yorkshire Curd, by installing two HRS corrugated tube heat exchangers.

AmazeBalls: cheesy snack development

04 December, 2019

Australian dairy business Ashgrove has developed its AmazeBalls natural cheese snack using a Radiant Energy Vacuum Dehydration (REV) technology.

Nitrogen freezer for live bacteria used in dairy products

11 November, 2019

The GEA nitrogen freezer pilot plant takes a different approach to freezing live bacteria used in the production of probiotics and dairy products such as yoghurt.

Aseptic PET line for liquid dairy manufacturer

08 November, 2019

An Israeli dairy has redesigned the packaging format of its 2 L extended-shelf-life milk bottle from HDPE to PET and installed a second aseptic complete PET line from Sidel.

Early-warning system for milk supply contaminants

06 November, 2019

A re-usable sensor that takes just 5 minutes to test for contaminants in the milk supply chain has been developed by a team of European researchers.

​​Tetra Pak and FOSS inline standardisation analyser

04 November, 2019

Tetra Pak and FOSS have released an advanced standardisation analyser, designed for continuous measurement and control of protein and fat in dairy products.

Minimising risks of dairy product contamination

01 November, 2019

Recent Listeria outbreaks in ice-cream have prompted the IDF to release new guidance on effective process monitoring, key to ensuring dairy safety.

Teralba Industries Thermpro Egg Pasteurising system

01 November, 2019

Designed and manufactured by Teralba Industries, the Thermpro Egg Pasteurising system has continuous heating, cooling and regeneration.

Cracking 50 — Sunny Queen's not all in one basket

25 October, 2019

As Sunny Queen celebrates 50 years, we look at the smiley-faced egg company's diversification into the out-of-home breakfast market and its improved processes.

Taming wild mould to make new cheese flavours

21 October, 2019

The findings from US research that has been studying cheese fungus could eventually be used to produce new flavoured artisanal foods.

Ambient yoghurt beverages on the rise

11 October, 2019

The emergence of ambient yoghurt beverages that don't require cold chain distribution is a trend spreading across Asia and into other markets.​

Processing method for skim milk powder with 'clean' froth

25 July, 2019

Researchers have discovered a processing method for skim milk powder that could provide food manufacturers with an alternative to emulsifiers and foaming agent additives.

Anhydrous milk fat market to rise to US$5.2 million

15 July, 2019

A Global Industry Trends report on the anhydrous milk fat (butter oil) market indicates size, share, growth, opportunity and forecast from 2019 to 2024.

Coles to buy milk directly from farmers

07 June, 2019

Starting next month, Coles will begin sourcing milk directly from farmers in Victoria and southern and central New South Wales for Coles Brand fresh white milk.

Dairy experts discuss mastitis management

16 May, 2019

Global experts in udder health from 25 countries recently gathered in Copenhagen to discuss how to reduce mastitis in dairy cattle and improve milk production.

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