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Enhance the flavour of your snacks with the SolidFlow

03 April, 2020

Are your snacks too salty or too sweet? The SolidFlow mass flow meter from Group Instrumentation can help improve your snacks' flavour consistency.

Krohne Optiwave 6500C radar level transmitter

19 March, 2020

The Krohne Optiwave 6500C radar level transmitter provides continuous high measurment in silos, hoppers and containers, and is suitable for bulk storage.

Processing pretzels with precise seasoning

26 November, 2019

Future Foods used tna equipment for its new pretzel range to optimise seasoning application, capitalise on packaging efficiency and minimise waste.

Detecting bitter almonds in your nougat processing

17 October, 2019

Spanish researchers have developed bitter almond detection technology to help manufacturers of nougat, ice-cream, pastries and other food that includes almonds.

A day in the life of a food science laboratory technician

14 October, 2019

A glimpse of a day in the life of Hayley Pfeifer, laboratory technician at Riverland Almonds, who recently won an award at the APAC Food Safety Awards.

Hopping to make cricket pasta

09 August, 2019

Australian brand Hoppa discusses some of the challenges it faced in the development of its cricket-based pasta.

Baker Perkins TruBake HiCirc convection oven

20 June, 2019

The TruBake HiCirc convection oven by Baker Perkins brings higher rates of convection, higher heat flux and a broader range of product capability than its predecessors.

Citrus waste can create high-fibre bread — study

14 June, 2019

Italian researchers have found a way to create high-fibre wholemeal durum wheat bread with a long shelf life using citrus fibres from blood orange and lemon peels.

Bread maker walks the environmental talk

31 May, 2019

Frozen food manufacturer walks the talk with its implementation of renewables and its range of frozen breads, pastries and sweets that could help save food waste.

Urschel size reduction, slicing and cutting solutions

24 May, 2019

The Urschel size reduction, slicing and cutting solutions are designed to assist bakery operators meet their production goals.

Exploring the physics of granular material flows

17 May, 2019

To improve the efficiency of processing granular material in the food industry, it's important to understand the physical laws that govern their behaviour.

Perfecting the art of seasoning nuts

15 May, 2019 by David Woollard, group product manager, seasoning solutions, tna

From sweet honey to tikka masala, the perfect seasoning can transform nut products and help manufacturers gain a competitive edge.

GEA CALLIFREEZE inline freezer control system

03 May, 2019

GEA's CALLIFREEZE system improves product quality and provides energy savings by automatically controlling and monitoring the condition of frozen products as they exit the freezer.

UQ licenses high-yield wheat variety

16 April, 2019

Australian wheat farmers, particularly those in Queensland, are set to benefit from a high-yield Mexican wheat variety identified by researchers from the University of Queensland.

Manipulating photosynthesis to improve crop yield

09 April, 2019

Scientists have developed a model that predicts which photosynthetic manipulations to plants will boost the yields of wheat and sorghum crops, which will help feed a rapidly growing world population.

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