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Same rice, different insulin response

20 October, 2015

A study has found that Singaporean Indians have more insulin released into their bloodstreams following a carbohydrate-rich meal than their Chinese and Malay compatriots, to maintain the same blood sugar levels.

US food consumers prioritise price and nutrition

20 October, 2015

Americans care most about the cost and nutrition of their food, prioritising these factors over concerns about GMOs, organics and antibiotic-free food.

How apples plus caramel equals Listeria risk

15 October, 2015

A deadly outbreak of listeriosis linked to caramel apples has prompted US researchers to discover how a food that is made from two ingredients usually considered low risk could have become contaminated.

Implementing a food safety culture in your business

13 October, 2015

A food safety faux pax can kill hundreds more than a workplace accident so why is food safety not as ingrained as OHS in businesses? Ben Bowering, the director of rulethirteen, has been working with food businesses and auditing and certification for over 30 years. Here is his take on implementing a food safety culture and food safety leadership.

Instructions: Take dairy product with your probiotic

13 October, 2015

The manner in which a probiotic is delivered — whether in food or supplement form — could influence how effective that probiotic is in delivering the desired health benefits.

Longer lunches equal healthier choices for kids

13 October, 2015

Children are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables when given at least 25 minutes for lunch, according to a new study.

Seasonal eating: how the weather makes us fickle

12 October, 2015

It makes sense that the weather influences the food we choose. But it seems it can also influence the food we think we like.

From food waste to fertiliser

07 October, 2015

In one of Melbourne's quintessential laneway cafe districts, 60 local businesses are diverting tonnes of food waste from landfill.

Minimising waste in school lunches

07 October, 2015

Currently around 45% of all food served at schools is wasted, with vegetables being wasted the most (51%) — even though it is well known that most children do not consume enough fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Achieving energy efficiency in the food and beverage industry

07 October, 2015

Food industry companies are increasingly confronted with the challenges of climate protection and sustainable development. The motto is: more efficiency, less CO2. What savings potential can still be achieved in modern food production?

2 Sisters invests £55 million to drive growth in its ready meals

07 October, 2015

One of the UK's largest food producers, 2 Sisters, is investing £55 million in its Meal Solutions Division to support further growth, create state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and secure jobs.

Busting the myth of 'eating for two'

06 October, 2015

Researchers have shown that the pregnant body adapts to absorb more energy from the same amount of food, with a hormone released during pregnancy triggering the intestine to grow dramatically and stimulating the mother's body to store more fat.

Dignity in dementia: providing good nutrition in care homes

06 October, 2015

Research from the UK has revealed the challenges of providing good nutrition and hydration in people with dementia who live in care homes.

Tricking the brain into healthy food choices

06 October, 2015

A group of internationally acclaimed chefs, bench neuroscientists, food scientists and clinical neurologists is exploring whether our brains can be tricked into making healthier eating choices.

Ambient drinking yoghurt's flourishing formula

29 September, 2015

Ambient drinking yoghurt, an entirely new category of dairy drinks, has taken China by storm since its launch in 2010, accounting for 13% of the country's total yoghurt category in 2014.

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