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Are dinner planning behaviours generational?

12 September, 2018

NPD research found consumer behaviours around food are impacted by generational values, age and life stage.

The ideal way to serve children's food

07 September, 2018

Researchers found gender and age influenced how children like their food to be arranged.

Cucumbers possible culprits of EU Salmonella outbreak

13 August, 2018

An outbreak of Salmonella Agona affecting 147 people from five European countries over the last four years may be linked to ready-to-eat cucumber.

Workplace food is making us unhealthy

20 June, 2018

Unhealthy eating habits at work are contributing up to 1300 calories to a person's weekly food intake, and 70% of these calories are from free food.

Music volume influences food choices

30 May, 2018

The volume of ambient music influences whether a consumer chooses healthy or unhealthy foods because it impacts heart rate and arousal.

Aussies eating more vegies with smartphone app

09 May, 2018

A report by CSIRO shows 80% of participants were 'always' or 'usually' eating three types of vegetables at dinner after using its VegEze app.

Tapeworms and weight loss

20 April, 2018

Whether you buy your tapeworms from a clinic or get them from sushi, there really are better ways to lose weight.

Low-fat or low-carb for weight loss?

07 March, 2018

The eternal question has been whether a low-fat or low-carb diet is more effective in weight loss. Now Stanford researchers have found that neither option is superior.

Consumer trends 2018: Good carbs, bad carbs

12 December, 2017

Concerns about food intolerances, healthier diets and the quest for smaller waistlines are driving consumers to look for better and fewer carbohydrates, according to the '10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2018' report by New Nutrition Business.

Connection found between parental diet and offspring immunity

30 November, 2017

There is a close relationship between parents' diets and the immunity of their offspring, according to new research from the University of Sydney.

Could sacha inchi be the new superfood?

28 November, 2017

The world is constantly on the hunt for the next superfood. In the past it has been kale, chia seeds and acai berries, but a popular one in Asia right now is sacha inchi.

Parmalat's lactose-free milk launch is timely, says GlobalData

22 November, 2017

With the lactose-free milk market expanding, GlobalData labels dairy producer Parmalat's launch of its 'lactose-free' milk product as very timely.

Sunny Queen MD: Commonwealth Games presents opportunities for the food industry

21 November, 2017

The 2018 Commonwealth Games will be hosted in Brisbane, and Sunny Queen Managing Director John O'Hara suggests this could present an invaluable opportunity for the food and catering industry in Queensland.

Aged-care nutrition becomes bigger part of Trisco Foods business

16 November, 2017

Australian manufacturer Trisco Foods has announced its acquisition of the Enprocal and Prime Nutrition brands, allowing the company to further gain traction in the aged-care market.

Schweppes competes with Fever-Tree in the premium drinks market

15 November, 2017

Schweppes (Coca-Cola) has announced a new range of premium tonic water, Schweppes 1783, and plans to inject £6.6m into its marketing to combat competitors in the UK.

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