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The balancing act of health vs taste

22 February, 2016

Why do we order a large burger and fries with a diet soft drink? Researchers have found evidence of 'balancing behaviour' as consumers endeavour to offset health concerns while still purchasing the food they enjoy.

Wiley chief turns chef for OzHarvest fundraiser

16 February, 2016

Wiley's managing director will be slicing and dicing alongside Queensland's best chefs at the OzHarvest CEO CookOff.

Coach House Dairy takes top award in first year of production

16 February, 2016

In its first year on the market, Coach House Dairy Chocolate Milk has won a Gold Medal and the Champion award for the best flavoured milk at the Sydney Royal Awards.

Eat your greens!

16 February, 2016

A discovery by Australian scientists suggests that leafy greens could provide the critical ingredient for good gut health.

High-altitude dining — with attitude

03 February, 2016

How many meals are served on airlines each day if just one airline (Emirates) alone served 180,000?

Great growth prospects for the global frozen ready meals market forecast

25 January, 2016

The global frozen ready meals market is expected grow from US$50 billion to US$64 billion by 2020.

Cool kitchens: the next generation of must-haves

15 January, 2016

The next generation of home cooks will cook in kitchens of interconnected smart appliances, 3D printers and touchscreen controls that will simplify food preparation, create customised meal solutions and produce far less waste.

Spicing up food safety

13 January, 2016

An ancient Indian spice might hold the key to the development of countertops, cutting boards and knives that prevent cross-contamination by killing bacteria on contact.

Multilingual menu-translator app available in Australia

11 January, 2016

Japan-based Xware has released its menu-translating app SmartMenu in Australia.

Festive food safety: don't rinse your turkey!

14 December, 2015

With the festive season upon us, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) has issued a timely food safety warning.

Craft beer outselling regular as beer snobbery takes over

14 December, 2015

Driven by urban 20- to 30-year-olds, craft beer is outselling regular beer in most capital cities.

Tackling obesity, with help from the 1950s

11 December, 2015

Cambridge academics say they have found the "most conclusive evidence to date" that people consume more food or drinks from larger size portions or packages, and when using larger items of tableware.

Aussies still love their fizzy drink and chips

03 December, 2015

Australians like to double up on their treats, with research revealing that people who snack on chips more often than not also drink flavoured soft drinks in the same period.

Fresh pathways for Australia's fresh produce

01 December, 2015

A report by Rabobank has identified 'disruptive forces' at work in Australia's fresh fruit and vegetable retail market.

Springhill Farm takes off

24 November, 2015

It has been a busy year for Victorian family food business Springhill Farm, whose range of treats has been picked up by Qantas Catering, Coles Supermarkets and Target Stores nationally.

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