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Practical guide to reducing food waste

24 November, 2015

To provide assistance for corporations, The Food Waste Reduction Alliance has released a guide with practical steps and examples to help food manufacturers, food retailers and restaurants cut food waste.

Top 10 trends for 2016

24 November, 2015

Organic ingredients, clear labelling and 'free from' products feature in Innova Market Insights' list of top 10 trends in food and beverages for 2016.

Smash Dining at Work lunch bags and containers for adults

19 November, 2015

Smash has created a 'Dining at Work' range of lunch bags, food storage containers and servingware.

Thomas Foods Farms Kitchen meal kit delivery service

18 November, 2015

Thomas Foods International has launched Thomas Farms Kitchen, a direct-to-consumer meal kit delivery service that brings local, farm-fresh produce and chef-created recipes to customers' doorsteps.

76% of lunch skippers are too busy to eat

12 November, 2015

A recent Australian survey has found 41% of respondents skip lunch at least once a week, with 76% of them claiming they are just too busy to eat.

Bringing restaurant quality to catering

11 November, 2015

West Australian catering company Ultimo Catering & Events is looking to bring Michelin Star quality to catering, with the appointment of executive chef Matt Leahy and senior sous chefs 'Max' Ling Yu Mau and Johnathan Pace.

Catering for the elderly: the decline of smell and taste

10 November, 2015

In order to ensure that the elderly receive a healthy diet that is also appealing, it is important to understand the changes in their perceptions of smell and taste, which can lead to a decline in appetite and meal enjoyment and, eventually, to malnutrition.

Food tech start-up connects food with appliances

10 November, 2015

A company that manages and connects food information has been launched at the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle.

Fad or fact: what drives the decision to go gluten-free?

10 November, 2015

Only 1–2% of Australians have coeliac disease or a wheat allergy, but 10% of us are following a gluten- or wheat-free diet. The CSIRO set out to discover why.

Food supplier admits to cheating US military

10 November, 2015

A multinational food company has admitted to defrauding the US military by drastically increasing the cost of basic items shipped into a war zone.

Full steam ahead for low-GI bread

09 November, 2015

Asian-style steamed bread has a lower glycaemic index (GI) than western-style baked bread, researchers have found.

What do you need to know more about?

04 November, 2015

Inviting you to send topics or yourself to the HyGenius Food and Beverage industry roundtable in Sydney on the afternoon of 28 November.

Foodborne illness: myth or fact?

04 November, 2015

The IFT dispels some common myths about foodborne illness and offers tips on how to prevent it.

Cereals, dairy lead the way in GMO-free labelling

02 November, 2015

Ongoing interest in 'clean' labels and greater transparency has spawned a marked upturn in interest in GMO-free or non-GMO products, particularly in the cereals and dairy sectors.

Would you share food with strangers?

22 October, 2015

We're happy to donate food but not so keen on accepting it. That's the finding of a QUT study investigating ways to reduce domestic food waste.

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