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KRONEN machines increase production of ready-to-eat salads

17 December, 2020

Fresh produce vending machine company in Germany increases its production using KRONEN's salad spin-dryer and packaging solution.

Don't be so caustic!

01 December, 2020

Magnesium hydroxide is much better than caustic soda or lime for treating wastewater. Why aren't its advantages better known?

Cooking, pumping and blast chilling equipment

01 April, 2020

Moffat is pleased to present a unique range of cooking, pumping and blast chilling equipment for small to medium-sized operators.

Pasteurising eggs to protect against Salmonella

07 May, 2019

Australian Pasteurised Eggs has suggested that whole-egg, in-shell pasteurisation can prevent the risks of Salmonella in the egg supply chain, benefiting both consumers and businesses.

Cooking with innovative food processing technologies

26 February, 2019

Both primary and secondary food processing are advancing in leaps and bounds, and the future of food is indeed futuristic.

Fondue science

22 February, 2019

The science behind a perfect cheese fondue is quite complex.

Bluewater Pro Water Purifier

21 February, 2019

The Bluewater Pro Water Purifier offers water delivery capability to foodservice, restaurant and catering businesses, efficiently generating up to 6900 L of direct-flow water a day.

This superfast oven comes with meal kits

16 July, 2018

After three years and $25 million in venture capital funding, Brava has released a domestic countertop oven that heats up to 260°C in less than a second.  

Midea FlashGriller with programmable control centre

12 July, 2018

Midea's FlashGriller combines three cooking technologies and an intuitive programmable control centre.

Criniti's uses IoT to enhance food safety

31 May, 2018

Italian restaurant chain Criniti's is using CCP's wireless temperature monitoring solution to ensure food safety is upheld at its eight restaurants across Australia.

Robotic kitchen working in Boston restaurant

30 May, 2018

Spyce is a recently opened, fast-casual eatery in Boston that is using automation to provide wholesome, high-quality, delicious and affordable meals.

The rise of the user-centred smart kitchen

14 March, 2018

Want an oven that can take pictures of your food as it cooks and post them on social media?

ACO in-ground gravity grease separators

02 March, 2018

ACO's range of below-ground grease traps is now available in 3000, 4000 and 5000 L capacities for in-ground applications to complement the 1000, 1500 and 2000 L below- and above-ground units.

3M Sorbents

19 December, 2017

3M Sorbents have millions of tiny microfibre pockets to absorb and hold liquids that are easy to re-use and don't damage expensive equipment.

3M Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop System

15 December, 2017

The 3M Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop System makes changing chemicals and cleaning products quick.

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