Cooking with innovative food processing technologies


Tuesday, 26 February, 2019

Technology is all-pervasive in the modern world, and innovations that help people keep up with changing lifestyle dynamics are always appreciated. When it comes to meal times, cooking with innovative food processing technologies takes centre stage, allowing everyone to indulge in quality ingredients and cuisines from around the world.

Primary and secondary food processing

‘Pasture to the plate’ is a catchphrase often heard, and the ideal of dining out on freshly harvested foods is a noble one. The reality, however, is that many foodstuffs require processing before they are suitable for consumption.

Primary food processing transforms raw agricultural products with methods that include drying, threshing and milling of grains, shelling nuts, extracting and filtering oils, preserving foods and pasteurising milk.

Secondary food processing is the means of creating tasty food from ingredients that are ready for use. Although food processing can be a hands-free mechanised or technological procedure, it usually still requires a human touch. Examples include baking breads, pastries and casseroles or creating the perfect roast, assisted by innovative and adaptable appliances such as ASKO pyrolytic and steam assist ovens.

Combining tradition and technology for superior results

Both primary and secondary food processing are advancing in leaps and bounds, and the future of food is indeed futuristic. Primary food processing initiatives established by the CSIRO in Australia include mechanical pressure shockwave, forward osmosis, mega ultrasound, super dry tech and high-pressure thermal processing, all with potential to transform the way foodstuffs are prepared.

However, let’s go back to the present because the future is now with ASKO oven and cooktop innovations. The days of monolithic and unappealing ovens wasting space and attracting grime are a thing of the past; replaced by contemporary appliances that reciprocate with the user by offering fully automated programs, adaptable settings and even self-cleaning functions. If you are still living in the past, it’s highly recommended to visit your local appliance showroom for inspiration. Innovative food processing technologies built into ASKO ovens include:

  • Dozens of fully automated and user-guided cook programs
  • Superior insulation and multiple non-reflective glass doors for a cooler kitchen
  • Interactive touch-screen digital interface for personalised oven navigation
  • High energy-star ratings using precise temperature adjustment technologies
  • Favourites menu for convenient retrieval of recipes and pre-set cook options
  • Warming, defrosting and sous vide options to ensure at-ready meals for everyone
  • Pyrolytic or steam oven self-cleaning programs that do the tough cleaning for you

It’s time to make cooking fun again

With ASKO ovens and cooktops, form and function are equally important. The amazing array of cooking programs and modes is only possible when your appliance is constructed with the best materials. Quality appliances are built with the aid of cutting-edge science using seamless, single piece components, highest quality stainless steel and full integration with other appliances. Innovative ASKO food processing technologies work in sync to create a domestic kitchen powerhouse capable of preparing restaurant quality meals. Here are just a few more ways ASKO delivers food processing excellence.

Induction cooktops: Instant heat transfer using magnetic induction that speeds up the cooking process. They also save on utility bills, are safe for prying hands and emit little radiant heat.

Fusion Volcano wok burner: Transform your culinary repertoire with Asian inspiration courtesy of a precise and powerful wok burner on your cooktop; perfect for contemporary Australian homes.

Combi-microwave oven: Appreciate the best of both worlds with slow cooked convection cooking or instant microwave functions, all within the one appliance.

ASKO innovators have been investing in progressive food processing technologies since 1950, and the uptake of ASKO appliances in Australian homes is a sure sign that our products are hitting the sweet (and savoury) spot.

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