Harnessing Efficiency and Compact Power: The iC2-Micro Drive

Pacific Automation
Saturday, 01 June, 2024

Harnessing Efficiency and Compact Power: The iC2-Micro Drive

The Inception of Compact Brilliance

In an era where technological advancement defines progress, the launch of the iC2-Micro by Danfoss, now introduced into the Australian market by Pacific Automation, marks a pivotal moment. As a leading sales channel partner for Danfoss, Pacific Automation is at the forefront, integrating innovation with customer-centric solutions.

A Legacy Redefined

Building upon the trusted foundation laid by the VLT® Micro Drive FC 51, the iC2-Micro stands as a testament to evolution, embodying more than just an upgrade. It represents a revolution in motor control and application versatility. With a power range extending up to 22 kW and advanced features that cater to a broad spectrum of industrial applications, the iC2-Micro is not just an answer to current needs but a gateway to the future.

Design Philosophy: Compact, Intelligent, Powerful

The iC2-Micro has been sculpted with precision to offer an unparalleled blend of power and compactness. The drive boasts user-friendly interfaces, condensed functionality, and simplified commissioning. Its design is a tribute to efficiency, fitting a multitude of applications into a robust and compact package that promises reliability even in the most complex scenarios.

Installation and Operation: A Streamlined Experience

The iC2-Micro simplifies the journey from installation to operation. It features spring-type I/O terminals that ensure fast, secure, and error-free wiring. The integrated control panel, equipped with LED indicators and an optional external control panel, streamlines commissioning with functionalities such as parameter copy and download.

A Commitment to Sustainability

With energy conservation at its core, the iC2-Micro offers up to a 40% reduction in energy usage, contributing to a greener footprint. Its compatibility with induction, permanent magnet synchronous (SPM), and interior permanent magnet (IPM) motors reflects a commitment to versatility and efficiency.

Adaptability: A Myriad of Applications

From pumps to material handling, from textile machinery to general applications, the iC2-Micro adapts seamlessly. It boosts productivity, integrates effortlessly into existing systems, and offers a reliable retrofit solution for VLT Micro Drive FC51 installations.

Technical Specifications: Precision Meets Performance

The iC2-Micro operates flawlessly up to ambient temperatures of 50°C without derating, a testament to its high reliability. It features various modes, including torque open loop control and kinetic backup, ensuring consistent performance and protection. The built-in Smart Logic Controller optimizes drive, motor, and system collaboration, enhancing the functionality and longevity of applications.

Empowering the Industry: The Digital Edge

The MyDrive Suite’s digital tools support the iC2-Micro, enabling precise drive selection and commissioning. It underscores the drive’s modernity, marrying the mechanical with the digital, to ensure a user experience that is both intuitive and advanced.

Visit the MyDrive Suite.

Pacific Automation: Your Partner in Innovation

As we usher in this new chapter with the iC2-Micro, Pacific Automation stands ready to illuminate the path towards streamlined efficiency and heightened performance. Embrace this compact powerhouse and unlock the potential within your industrial automation, material handling, and manufacturing processes.

To delve deeper into the iC2-Micro’s capabilities, visit the Danfoss iC2-Micro product page and access comprehensive information, including application guides, software, and technical drawings, or utilise the QR code for swift product details.

Elevate your operations with the iC2-Micro: the small drive that delivers big results.

View more on the iC2 Micro Drive here.

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