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Heat and Control FastBack ClimbBack conveyor and Powder on Demand

22 February, 2011 by

The FastBack ClimbBack conveyor and Powder on Demand [POD] can be used to increase the efficiency and flexibility of processing lines.

Key Technology Horizon horizontal motion conveyor

16 February, 2011 by

Horizon is a horizontal motion conveyor that features a maintenance-free mechanical drive.

Haydon Kerk spline rail actuator

16 February, 2011 by

Haydon Kerk has created a spline rail actuator to provide a compact, programmable mechanical drive, with guidance on a single compact component.

Enmin LD electromagnetic vibratory drives

16 February, 2011 by

The latest generation of electromagnetic vibratory drives from Enmin are proving their flexibility in satisfying vibratory feeder requirements where long or very wide trays are a requirement.

Conveying upgrades for peanut processor

03 February, 2011

Peanut processor Nutco is Canada’s biggest supplier of organic peanut butter to the US and also supplies peanut butter in bulk to confectioners and bakers. The company specialises in packaging most of its production for sale under private labels.

Ashworth lotension and ExactaStack spiral belting

07 January, 2011 by

Ashworth supplies either metal or plastic belts for both low-tension and self-stacking spirals. The comprehensive line includes lotension spiral belts and ExactaStack, a drop-in replacement belt for self-stacking spirals.

Intralox Activated Roller Belt technology

07 January, 2011 by

Intralox claims its Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology can assist users to optimise their conveyor layout and maximise plant productivity. The technology can reduce overall system costs, save floor space and reduce system controls and complexity.

Vibrating conveyors from Vibration Systems & Solutions

07 January, 2011

Vibrating conveyors from Vibration Systems & Solutions have no moving parts, other than the simple drive by pneumatic vibrator. This linear vibrator is the only moving part in the system and is designed with an air cushion at each end of the stroke, eliminating no metal-to-metal impact and with virtually no noise. This design overcomes the limitations of crank drive systems which have a sudden stop and start at each end of the stroke, causing stress on the mechanism and the bearings of the motor.

Heat and Control Powder on Demand (POD) powder and granule transfer system

24 November, 2010

Powder On Demand (POD) is a compact, efficient system that transfers powders and granules to seasoning applicators, mixers, storage bins and elevated equipment.

Lynchborough-GPM food equipment design and construction

02 November, 2010 by

Lynchborough-GPM focuses on the design and construction of high-quality equipment and systems for the food industry. 

Gough Econ Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system

02 November, 2010 by

Gough Econ has released the mid-size Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system which has a larger capacity bucket design for higher throughput and applications beyond typical dry bulk-material handling.

Flexicon Tip-Tite drum dump feeder

02 November, 2010 by

The Tip-Tite drum dump feeder seals drums against a discharge cone, tips the drum and feeds bulk material into downstream equipment, dust free, at controlled rates.

Fresco basic design bulk bag fillers

02 November, 2010 by

Fresco has extended its range of bulk bag fillers to include a low-cost basic design.

Converging Solutions Pack Integrator and Collator systems

06 September, 2010 by

Inspections Systems has secured the distributorship for Converging Solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Based in the UK, Converging Solutions is a supplier of converging and pack handling equipment in the packaging industry.

Enmin’s EVFLT electromagnetic vibratory feeder drives

06 September, 2010 by

Enmin’s EVFLT electromagnetic vibratory feeder drives are fifth-generation units that offer the same degree of reliability as previous versions but with improved components. The overall dimensions and footprint remain the same, therefore the latest drives are interchangeable with the earlier models but offer better overall performance.

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