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Compressed Air Australia Line Vac Conveyor

31 July, 2013

Line Vac Conveyors convert hose, tube or pipe into a powerful inline conveying system and handle materials up to 482°C. They eject a small amount of compressed air to produce a vacuum on one end.

Key Technology Iso-Flo Standar Utility Shaker vibratory conveyor

12 July, 2013

Key’s Standard Utility Shakers are suitable for processing fruits, vegetables, potato strips and potato chips. The new hygienic features are standard on the Utility Shakers and are optional on other Iso-Flo conveyors.

Flexicon Flexi-Disc tubular cable conveyors

17 June, 2013

Flexi-Disc tubular cable conveyors move material using high-strength polymer discs affixed to a stainless steel or galvanised cable that slide within smooth stainless steel tubing.

Streamlining breakfast cereal processing

12 June, 2013 by Jim McMahon

The latest generation of tubular drag cable conveyors provides critical process and product quality benefits for breakfast cereal processors. Minimised product damage, improved product safety, reduced clean-up and faster changeovers are key advantages over traditional conveying systems.

Enmin strikes gold in West Africa

07 May, 2013

A gold mine in West Africa was the last place Enmin Engineers expected to discover a Series 1 model of one of their Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders.

igus 3500R energy chain

26 March, 2013

igus has introduced the 3500R roller energy chain and the guidelite modular plastic guiding profile designed for long travel lengths.

FlexLink X65 conveyor

19 March, 2013

FlexLink’s X65 conveyor has standardised functions for the handling of products up to 3 kg. It offers a lower noise level and a lower total cost of ownership.

Flexicon Sanitary Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor

04 February, 2013

With the hopper, support boom and conveyor assembly tilted down, Flexicon’s conveyor fits through standard doorways and orients the conveyor tube horizontally.

Telemecanique XUY fully integrated roller sensor

25 August, 2012

The Telemecanique XUY fully integrated roller sensor uses a multibeam photoelectric sensor across the width of the conveyor and is easily installed between the conveyor rollers.

Heat and Control customisable vibratory conveyors

24 August, 2012

Heat and Control’s customisable vibratory conveyors can be customised for multiple applications, such as grading, alignment, dewatering, spreading and bidirectional distribution.

Flexco Novitool Aero portable splice press

23 August, 2012

Flexco’s Novitool Aero portable splice press allows users to splice a conveyor belt in 7 to 12 min.

Enmin Vibratory Equipment Bag Flattener

15 May, 2012

Bag flatteners are designed to shape filled and sealed bags to provide a shape most suited to packing. Bags that are out of shape due to the filling process can be difficult to pack into cardboard boxes and can impact correct sealing of cartons. Enmin Vibratory Equipment’s Bag Flattener accommodates bags up to 250 mm in width.

Enmin FQIN digital frequency controllers for feeder optimisation

02 May, 2012

The FQIN digital feeder controller can be used to service vibratory feeders from 4 to 15 A power. Operating from a standard single-phase power supply, the simple push-button operation quickly searches for the resonance frequency; and combined with amplitude adjustment, the vibratory feeder is able to be tuned to its maximum potential.

VSS range of pneumatic vibrators

18 April, 2012

VSS has available a range of ATEX-certified pneumatic vibrators.

FlexLink modular wide belt conveyor

17 April, 2012

FlexLink has launched a modular wide belt conveyor. The company claims all components of the conveyor are standardised to make engineering, maintenance and operation easier.

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