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xiros xirodur B180 polymer ball bearings

08 September, 2014

Designed to be maintenance free and dry running, xiros xirodur B180 polymer ball bearings are made from tribologically optimised polymers, providing low friction values at high rotational speeds.

Firestone Airomatic actuators smallest-ever version

01 September, 2014

Firestone has released the smallest-ever version of its Airomatic pneumatic actuators.

Cooperative Bulk Handling almost doubles its lifting tonnage with bucket elevator drives

19 August, 2014

Bonfiglioli HDO-Series Helical Bevel drives have been selected to help Cooperative Bulk Handling upgrade the technology and capacity in its Western Australia grain silos.

Cambridge Engineered Solutions halal-certified metal conveyor belts

06 August, 2014

Cambridge Engineered Solutions has received halal certification for its metal conveyor belts from the US-based Islamic Services of America (ISA).

Key Technology introduces sanitary rotary finish on vibratory conveyors

05 August, 2014

Key Technology has introduced a rotary polish as the standard finish on its vibratory and horizontal motion conveyor beds.

Interroll Multiprofile drum motor coating for conveyor belts

01 August, 2014

The Multiprofile drum motor coating is so compatible that up to nine different positive drive solid homogenous conveyor belts can be driven with it. This provides the user with flexibility when converting to other belts.

FB Chain plastic combination chain

25 July, 2014

FB Chain has developed a range of corrosion-resistant chains specifically for the food and beverage industries that do not require lubrication for optimal performance and also meet strict hygiene standards. The plastic combination (PC) chain is constructed from food-grade engineering plastic inner links, supported by 304 grade stainless steel bearing pins and outer link plates.

Fleming Dynamics Hydracon modular sanitary conveyor system

10 July, 2014

Fleming Dynamics has developed the Hydracon modular sanitary conveyor system.

Interroll Multi-profile for conveyor belts

10 July, 2014

Interroll has developed the Multi-profile, which can be used to drive various conveyor belts from different manufacturers using only one profile.

tna rofloVM 3 high throw vibratory conveyor

17 June, 2014

tna has launched the rofloVM 3 high throw vibratory conveyor. The high throw design achieves the gentle transfer of sticky confectionery and difficult products, such as loose leaf fresh produce, through increased vertical motion to improve product throughput and line efficiency.

Flexco Novitool Amigo splice press for monolithic belts

17 June, 2014

Flexco has launched the Novotool Amigo splice press for monolithic belts, which is suitable for the joining of solid polyester and polyurethane conveyor belts.

Dematic MCS lineshaft conveyor

03 June, 2014

Dematic ANZ has launched a lineshaft conveyor, completing its MCS family of modular, integrated package handling conveyor systems.

The drive to integrate - controlling the complex conveying system at a snack food plant

27 May, 2014

In a recently installed snack food conveyor system, an integrated system of drives was implemented without compromising the design objectives.

Flexco Novitool Amigo conveyor belt splicing tool

26 May, 2014

The Flexco Novitool Amigo makes splicing solid polyester and polyurethane conveyor belts safe, easy and fast.

Ashworth Omni-Flex 3 x 1 conveyor belt

18 May, 2014

Ashworth Omni-Flex 3 x 1 has been added to the Omni-Flex turn-curve conveyor belt range. The belt is said to build on the strength and reliability of the Omni-Flex belt design to create a rugged, strong, lightweight belt that maximises throughput.

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