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New website helps food industry manage allergens

27 April, 2007

The Allergen Bureau has targeted the food industry with the launch of a website that aims to facilitate the improvement of food allergen management in Australian and New Zealand industry.

Blue fabric conveyor belts

11 April, 2007

HP Blue polyurethane conveyor belts meet the stringent requirements for food safety and hygiene required by equipment manufacturers and end users within the food manufacturing industry.

Smooth move

11 April, 2007

While the more common drive for vibratory conveyors is by electric vibrating motors, their physical characteristics make them inherently unsuitable for very large strokes and long conveyor lengths, since they need to drive through the centre of gravity of the tray. To obtain a true linear action two motors are needed with consequent increase in weight and complexity.

Stainless steel spiral conveyor

12 February, 2007

ICA has released a spiral conveyor system made from food grade stainless steel specifically for applications in the food and beverage industries.

Vacuum conveyors

12 February, 2007

Vacuum technology company Piab has been developing USDA vacuum conveyors, and claims the PIAB C33 is the first vacuum conveyor to satisfy the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Belt maintenance tool

19 January, 2007

Faster, simpler lacer installation of wire hooks has been made possible with the Roller Lacer from Flexible Steel Lacing Company. The Clipper Roller Lacer Gold Class portable tool is designed for fast, easy, hook installation and reduces operator fatigue and minimises down time without sacrificing precision.

Automatic vacuum infeed technology

13 September, 2006

The ScanFeeder 7700 product infeed system features automatic vacuum infeed technology.

Bake oven belts

12 May, 2006

When it comes to the baking of bread and pastries, every single Berndorf belt is especially made to match the clients' specifications as to the material's quality, dimensions, surface conditions and desired tolerances.

Pneumatic vibrators

16 February, 2006

The Cougar Turbine range of pneumatic vibrators features 30% less air usage and up to 50% less noise than previous alternatives.

Conveyor updated

23 January, 2006

Bosch Rexroth's latest version of its Variflow conveyor provides a system for channelling product between machines in food processing and food packaging plants. The system features a plastic chain with a higher tensile force and better flexibility than previous models.

Industrial vacuum loader system

08 December, 2005

The Hornet is a unique trailer mounted vacuum system capable of sucking a variety of materials and depositing the waste into bulka bags or a waste skip.

Sorting nuts

08 December, 2005

The Optyx G6 3000 Series Sorter with Raptor Laser Technology combines Key Technology's G6 colour cameras and G6 sorting platform with laser technology to maximise the simultaneous detection and removal of defects and foreign material, achieving increased quality and optimising food safety.

Conveying mixed ingredients without separation

06 October, 2005

GloryBee Foods is a US manufacturer and distributor of organic food products. Their diverse product line requires conveying of bulk materials having dissimilar characteristics to a filling machine - undamaged and with no separation of blended products

Flexicon in Australia

21 August, 2005

Flexicon USA has established a new, wholly owned Australian subsidiary named Flexicon Corporation (Australia) Pty Limited.

Product discharge system

22 June, 2005

The 'Gate-Less' Roflo distribution system is a product discharge system. 'Gate-Less' Roflo eliminates product breakage, maintenance, breakdown and cleaning, all while still using servo driven, simple mechanics.

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