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Preventing spiral breakdowns

03 July, 2009 by

Ashworth has created a solution for processors to easily pinpoint undetected high-tension problems to prevent spiral breakdowns.

Plastic modular belt

03 July, 2009 by

The Habasit HyClean is a plastic modular belt product family for applications in industry areas that require the most demanding conditions of hygiene and optimal cleanability.

Fresco Systems bulk ingredient batching system

10 June, 2009

Fresco Systems has just completed a bulk ingredient batching system for a Sydney bakery. Consisting of five bulk bag unloaders, each feeding a mini weigh hopper via a flexible conveyor, the system needed to be accurate and clean to suit the clean room environment.

Decentralised control

01 August, 2008

Industrial Conveying Australia has advanced its capability for turnkey solutions by adding decentralised control technology to its product line.

Sanitary pneumatic conveyor

01 June, 2008

The Quadro VAC with computerised controls is a user-friendly, high-end sanitary pneumatic conveyor that is suitable for use in food plants. The simple ‘fill and dump conveyor with filter back-wash and pneumatic controls has an optional computerised user interface control.

Solid/liquid delivery system

01 June, 2008

Hapman has introduced SolidQuid, a solid/liquid delivery system that uses an existing liquid delivery equipment to convey precisely measured amounts of bulk powders from a FIBC bulk bag to a mixing tank.

Horizontal motion conveyor

01 June, 2008

The Fastback 90E conveyor from Heat and Control combines a small and powerful drive unit with a wide variety of pan sizes to improve transfer and distribution for a diverse range of applications.

Conveyor components

01 June, 2008

Pobco Plastics, a manufacturer of plastic and wood conveyor components, has launched its brand in Australia following the appointment of Smith & Searls Pty Ltd to represent them in Australia and New Zealand.

Improving conveyor belt hygiene

01 June, 2008

Rydell Industrial (Belting) has introduced its ThermoDrive sprocket-driven hygienic conveyor belting.

Case handling solution

01 June, 2008

Intralox has available activated roller belting that provides a smart, automated method for directing the movement of conveyed articles. With greater flexibility, reliability and safety, it brings the advantages of modular plastic belting and more to package and case handling applications such as merging, diverting, singulating, sorting and others.

Custom-engineered shaft seals for bulk processing equipment

12 May, 2008

MECO offers custom shaft seals for slow-turning bulk process equipment. Because no standard seals will work properly in every application, MECO engineers specify the design and construction materials for each seal according to actual shaft diameter, speed, clearance, process chemistry, temperature, pressure variation, thermal shaft growth, etc.

Spiral conveyor retrofits

12 March, 2008

Industrial Conveying has instigated a retrofit option to save on the expense of replacing an entire steel belt spiral conveyor system. This will suit many industries including food processing, assembly, manufacturing, automotive manufacture and general engineering.

Vacuum holds vibrator in place

10 October, 2007

Emptying hoppers can be a chore when the product doesn't want to come out. The usual method is hammering, or better, use a vibrator, properly sized and with the correct action.

Tight transfer belt

10 August, 2007

Intralox LLC has released its new Series 1000 flat top belt, developed to meet needs of the beverage and packaging industry applications that require very tight transfers and high belt strength.

Table talk

13 July, 2007

Using two electric vibrating motors has long been the usual method of getting a true vertical action in a vibrating table. This is a good system when the application doesn't change, but often the table may be used for many purposes. This then means that either a compromise is needed between the various applications or a variable speed motor is required.

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